Allison (Wordes) TeVelde

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Renville, Minnesota

Scholarships I received

  • Theatre activity scholarship
  • Diamond activity scholarship
  • Keyboard activity scholarship
  • English scholarship
  • Church Music scholarship

Favorite Class


Concept that Blew My Mind 

One profound concept I learned in taking classes at Dordt, is that the whole point of being alive is how God created us to work in connection with other people. The reason that we learn and work is so that we can be servants to those around us. It's easy to forget that, because I know I easily fall back on focusing on myself, and my needs. In my classes and experiences—especially in literature classes—I learned the value of humanity and how I am a part of this web of connections that gives us purpose. This changes the way I see myself, and how I treat others.

Cool things I did at Dordt

I joined the Diamond (campus newspaper) and I had to learn how to be brave and talk to people I'd never talk to otherwise. I tried my hand at stage managing for theatre, and discovered my organizational skills were great for this role. I was part of the Art Club, and then in my senior year I found myself heading it up. My junior year I went on PLIA (after some convincing) and spent a week in New Mexico with some of the coolest people I know. I learned how to swing dance at the Swing Dance Club, learned to play the pipe organ from scratch, and even overcame my fear of ice skating at the All Seasons Center.

Obstacles I’ve overcome

I have a tendency to seclude myself. I had to learn to step outside of my normal routine, and try to experience something new. This has been difficult to overcome, because I resist anything that will change me or challenge my perfectionism. At Dordt, I learned how it's okay to slip, to ask questions, and to run risks that might lead to really great things.

Who I was when I came to Dordt

Upon arriving at Dordt, I would consider myself very secluded and quiet. I was more interested in watching the world around me, rather than being a part of it. I was comfortable doing what I knew I was good at, and sticking inside the box. That way, there was little to no chance I could fail. I was also not a night owl—that was about to change.

How Dordt impacted me

I sincerely believe that Dordt has changed me—for the better. I have made friends who challenged my normal, comfortable ideas of how life should be. My professors made me ask questions about who I wanted to become. I have gained valuable skills in writing, researching, and the visual arts. I am less judgmental of those who think, look, and act differently than me - in fact, I value them and their opinions more than ever. I believe that these experiences have made me braver, sharper, and better than I was when I first walked onto campus.

Where I am now

This fall I am moving to Brookings, South Dakota, with my husband Kent, and we will work and live in another college community for a time. I have been doing some newspaper reporting as well as freelance writing work, while exploring my options as a copy editor or publications staff as my career unfolds. I still keep in contact with my friends, and we check up on each other to see how life is going.

What would you tell prospective students 

There is no safer, more genuine, and more generous place for you to ask questions, unfold your story, and learn what it means to be more for those around you than at Dordt. Have you ever wanted to feel deeply connected somewhere? Have you wanted to build a solid foundation for your faith? Have you wanted to study more about what you love and care about? That's what Dordt has been for me. I'm challenging you to go and be challenged. It's more than just an education, my friends. It's learning that will give you a reason to go and do life, and do it well.

How Dordt has helped me Do More 

Graduating from Dordt this May, I realized that I have numerous connections that I can rely on to help me as I move from one step to the next in my journey from here on out. There are so many people that have puzzle pieces, which, when handed to me, I can see how they fit into my story. With these people by my side—professors, friends, community members—I am able to do so much more than I could have accomplished by myself. Because of these people and what they have taught me I can envision myself doing great things, and they are willing to help me get there.