Anna Christians

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Sioux Center, Iowa

Scholarships I received

  • Athletic Scholarship: Volleyball (two years)
  • Music Vocal Scholarship: Choir (four years)
  • JJR Leadership Scholarship- Freshman
  • Dieleman Pre-Seminary Scholarship: Senior year

Favorite Class

Theology 351: Gospel Church and Culture or Psychology 370: Helping Skills

Concept that Blew My Mind 

Our interpretation of Scripture is our life. Our interpretation is not just what we explain or talk about in theory, but our interpretation is our reality. We live out our interpretation of the Bible.

Cool things I did at Dordt

I was on the volleyball team for two years, participated in Chorale for one year and Concert Choir for three years. During my time in Concert Choir, we toured all over the U.S, to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Vermont, and Canada. I also was a part of Campus Ministries and the Worship Arts program as a member of the leadership team. I also got connected to a ministry called A Christian Ministry in the National Parks and was able to spend a summer living and working in the Grand Canyon leading worship services on the rim of the canyon! I was a student ambassador for the Admissions Office which meant I led tours for prospective students and their parents who were visiting campus. I also spoke on the student panel every Friday during campus visit days. Other cool things were meeting and having lunch with people like Sandra McCracken and Tish Harrison Warren.

Obstacles I’ve overcome

To start my time at Dordt, I had a major selected but didn’t feel super confident and invested in it. I proceeded to change that major two more times before I felt like I found my place. That first semester of college was difficult. You are adjusting in so many areas of life and are also expected to know what you want to do with the rest of your life at age 18. With the help of family members and professors, I was able to discover more of who I was and what God had in store for me.

Who I was when I came to Dordt 

When I arrived at Dordt I was excited and expectant. I grew up around Dordt my entire life since my parents have both worked here for 25+ years and my two older siblings attended as well. I was so ready to finally be a student on campus. I was concerned about my performance in many different areas, such as sports, music, and academics, so I had to fight the temptation of perfectionism and comparison. I was ready to meet many new people and slightly terrified to take college level classes.

How Dordt Impacted me

More than anything, a phrase that became engrained into who I am today is this: who you are becoming is more important than what you are doing because no matter what you are doing in life, you are always going to be involved so who you are matters much, much more. While at Dordt, I was very concerned about what I did—how I did on that paper, in that volleyball game, in that voice lesson, etc. Who I was becoming as an individual and follower of Christ was put to the side and I forgot the truth that God cares so much more about who we are and where our heart is at, rather than what we are doing and accomplishing. Dordt gave my confidence where I needed it and humility where I needed that too. Dordt gave me opportunities to succeed and moments where I failed. College is such an influential time in anyone's life and I am so grateful I was able to grow at a place like Dordt.

Where I am now

I am heading to seminary at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, as the Trustee Scholarship recipient. I will be pursuing a Master of Divinity degree and am hoping to work in ministry full time—perhaps church ministry or in campus ministries at a college.

What would you tell prospective students  

Dordt provides so many opportunities—I couldn't even list them all. You will not find another place where you are able to be involved in a bunch of things you love and still be a great student and stay on top of school. And, if there isn't already something started that you're interested in or passionate about, someone on staff at Dordt would love to help you start it. From traveling abroad, going on shorter trips, playing Spikeball, leading worship in a local church, volunteering at the local food pantry, babysitting for a family in town, listening to and having lunch with professional artists and songwriters, going on weekend retreats, and so much more—you will have a full and rich college experience at Dordt. It is through these vast experiences and opportunities that you will meet so many fantastic people and discover more about yourself.

How has Dordt helped you Do More?

My experience at Dordt helped me “Do More” while I was a student and helped me “Do More” as I transition to the next phase of life. While I was a student, staff and faculty were so supportive and contributed greatly to cultivating who I was. I was presented with many opportunities to grow—papers and presentations that were challenging, yet rewarding; leadership opportunities that were intimidating but influential; and internships/jobs that required a lot of me, yet helped make me who I am today. As I transition to the next phase, I am grateful for my professors and the Career Development Center who helped me think about doing more after I graduate—do more school at seminary. Without their mentorship, guidance, and advice, I would not be where I am today.