Courtland King

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Dallas, Texas

Scholarships I Received

  • Dordt College Honors Scholarship
  • Football Athletic Scholarship

Favorite Spot On Campus

The Rec or the Grille

Favorite Class

Crime Scene Investigation

A Concept That Blew My Mind

I learned that I am 0% Dutch.

Cool Things I Did At Dordt

I played football and did intramural basketball. I somehow found myself in the Business Club and took a number of trips to states that I had never been to. I also had an internship with the Woodbury County Sheriff's Department in Sioux City.

Obstacles I've Overcome

Throughout my time here at Dordt, distance has made its mark in my life. Being so far away from my family has been tough, but it has also made me cherish the time I do get with them.

Who I Was When I Came To Dordt

I was an eager, outgoing kid that was ready to be on a college campus.

How Dordt Impacted Me

I would definitely say that my time here at Dordt has had a huge impact on me becoming the man that I am. I believe that I have become more open-minded and open to accepting new things.

What's Next For Me

I will be going into a police academy after school.

What I Would Tell Prospective Students

Do not be afraid to find yourself while here. God will allow a number of transitions to happen during your time here, and it is important to let Him use you.

How Dordt Helped Me Do More

Dordt has placed me in so many situations that have allowed me to see what exactly I am getting into with my career choice. Most importantly, I feel as if I have all of the tools to make a difference as a Christian within the justice system.