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Defender Forever

Become a Defender Forever!

Give $100 a year, and you’ll get insider access to one-of-a-kind merch, exclusive deals, and other unexpected perks.

It’s the side of Dordt you won’t see anywhere else, plus you’ll be supporting future Defenders with your gift. It’s a win-win! 😎

I'm ready!

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What is Defender Forever?

Defender Forever is...

  • a fun, new way to connect with Defender Nation
  • an opportunity to support the next generation of Defenders
  • a new source of Dordt news, the kind you didn't even know you needed

Plus, it's a pretty cool way to get some exclusive swag 😉 More on that later

What am I supporting as a Defender Forever?

An ongoing gift to Defender Forever will provide financial stability to the college in its operational and developmental programs. This will allow us to persist in strengthening the academic quality and prestige of the institution and continue to make Dordt a viable option for the next generation of Defender Nation.

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How can I become a Defender Forever?

It's Easy.

By making a $100 gift at the link below, you'll be auto-enrolled in the Defender Forever program. This is an ongoing, recurring gift you can continue at $100/year

Start Forever now
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Are there perks?

Yep. Here are a few:

☝️ That Welcome Box we mentioned. We'll be filling this with some one-of-a-kind merchandise you won't be able to buy in the Campus Store.

✌️ A new source of quarterly Dordt news, greatest hits, and more. We could tell you, but you're going to want to read this for yourself (insider tip: make sure you read them all the way to the bottom).

👌 The unexpected. We love surprises! Defender Forever members enjoy exclusive perks, discounts, event access, and more.

➕ All this, and you'll be supporting the university you know and love.


Your annual membership will automatically renew on the anniversary of your first gift to Defender Forever.

Yes, we’d love to see you! Simply give us a ring (712-722-6020) or shoot us an email (advancement@dordt.edu) and we’ll hold it for you.

Sorry, not this box. We are grateful for your faithful support of Dordt University! Defender Forever swag is Members Only and exclusively for those who have made a gift to Defender Forever.

Why yes there is. Simply sign up for a second $100 annually recurring membership and we will send you a second box.

Ready to become a Defender Forever?

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