Data Science Program Profile

The purpose of the Dordt University data science program is to promote human flourishing through the study of statistics, mathematics, and computing, cultivating student learning through active engagement, creative problem solving and statistical modeling, and meaningful application.

More about Data Science
A professor uses her hands to explain a concept in class


  • We cultivate a friendly, welcoming community of students and faculty.
  • We invite students to pursue with us a deep understanding of data science as a part of God’s creation.
  • We foster engaging classroom environments where students actively learn.
  • We provide hands-on experiences where students partner with faculty in research and teaching equipping them for life after Dordt.


A graduate of the Dordt University data science program is:

  • A communicator: Can clearly communicate statistical ideas to a variety of audiences.
  • An explorer: Has developed a curiosity to ask questions and the skills to investigate them.
  • A connector: Can translate real-world questions into statistical models and use data to provide answers.
  • A learner: Has a knowledge of the foundations of statistical and computational thinking and leverages it to explore new areas.
  • An ambassador: Can share the joy and utility of data science to promote a Biblical perspective about its place in God’s creation.