Chemistry Program Profile

In obedience to our Lord's call to make new the creation, to serve others, and to glorify him, the chemistry department helps students develop analytical, critical, imaginative, and stewardly serviceable insight in the discipline of chemistry, its philosophical foundations, and its impact on the creation.

More about Chemistry
Chemistry instructor explains something to a student over a beaker in the lab


  • Our faculty members are passionate about chemistry education and are gifted teachers.
  • Our thorough and rigorous undergraduate chemistry curriculum prepares students for service as chemists, graduate students, science educators, and pre-health professions.
  • Our laboratories are well-equipped with modern instrumentation.
  • Students have multiple opportunities to work side-by-side with faculty in undergraduate research or as teaching assistants.


Students will be able to do the following in these four categories:

  1. Biblical Worldviews
    • Describe and explain biblical principles that shape a normative understanding of the place and role of chemistry.
    • Articulate the fundamental tenets of a biblically Reformed worldview and philosophy of science.
    • Articulate the tenets of prevailing philosophies of science (e.g. positivism, realism, relativism, pragmatism) and demonstrate the ability to critique them.
  2. Creational Structure
    • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the atomic and molecular structure of matter and the nature of material interactions and apply that knowledge as they explore the created order in and through chemistry.
    • Learn from the creation (not just about the creation) via direct observation and manipulation.
  3. Creational Development
    • Describe the major historical developments that have shaped modern chemistry and its current role in society.
  4. Contemporary Response
    • Begin to live out a Christ-centered lifelong passion for science and stewardship as they use their skills in entry-level positions, graduate schools, or professional schools.
    • Recognize and commit to their role, under Christ, as stewards and restorers of creation and science.