Cody Van Holland


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Story

Where are they now

Where Are They Now is a podcast series featuring Dordt’s alumni student-athletes. On this episode, Christian Zylstra interviews Cody Van Holland, a 2017 Dordt College graduate. Van Holland earned conference team honors on numerous occasions as an athlete with the Dordt men’s soccer program. He is currently studying to earn his Masters at CU Denver College of Architecture & Planning. Below are some of Van Holland’s quotes from the interview.

On why he chose Dordt

“The main reason I picked Dordt was to play soccer, the familiarity aspect, and my family has strong ties to college so that helped me swing in that direction. But mainly the reason was soccer.”

On choosing his major

“When I went to Dordt, one of the requirements was can it help me pave the way for an architecture master's degree down the road. That was the plan from high school, so every decision was based on soccer and 'can I get my master's degree in architecture.'”

On what sticks out to him about Dordt

“Its community. Everybody who's been there, who has anything to do with Dordt, knows how good it actually it stay there for the people. It's one of the things I miss most. I live in Denver now, it's a town of millions of people, and I still got a better sense of community in Sioux Center and it's just crazy to me, going from a small town aspect to a big town aspect, how much you can take that for granted.”

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