Cody Zimmerman


Slinger, WI

The Story

scholarships i received

  • Basketball Athletic Scholarship
  • Academic Scholarship

favorite spot on campus

Rec Center

favorite class

Construction Materials and Methods

a concept that blew my mind

How friendly everyone was was a big surprise. Everyone from fellow students to President Hoekstra are willing to help you in anyway they can at the drop of a hat.

cool things I did at dordt

I was on the basketball team for 2 years and met a lot of great guys. I was also involved with the women's basketball team as one of their practice team players for one year.

One of my favorite things was being involved with the Construction Management disaster relief shelter contest which I did for 2 years. In the shelter contest a team of 6 had to build a shelter that could be sent into an area that was hit by a natural disaster. The contest is held at John Brown University in Arkansas. While there they run your shelter through a variety of tests, such as earthquake, wind test, and a speed assembly. If you are majoring in Construction Management I would highly recommend partaking in this.

I also had an internship with a great company thanks to President Hoekstra. After Sophomore year I had an internship lined up with a company that ended up falling through last minute. I spent the entire 7 hour drive back home from school trying to think of companies to call and ask if they wanted a last minute intern, all to no avail. I then remembered a conversation I had with President Hoekstra about a construction company near me in Wisconsin during my freshman year and decided to shoot him an email, explain my situation and ask the name of the company and a phone number or email. He personally called me within 15 minutes. We talked on the phone for about 15-20 minutes and he passed my resume on to the owner of the company. I had an internship set up with them within a week. I was so thankful for that experience. President Hoekstra went above and beyond for me. I sent the email hoping for just the company name and instead I was put into contact with the president of the company.

obstacles i've overcome

I didn't know anyone on campus when I first got there. Dordt was about 400 miles away from home and in another state full of Vikings fans...

who i was when i came to dordt

I was quite and shy. I met people because of basketball but other than that I mostly stayed in my room and did homework.\

how dordt impacted me

I think Dordt has made me a very friendly person. Being in an environment were everyone is kind and helpful will wear off on you. I came to Dordt a quite and introverted person, and left there a caring "how can I help" person.

where i am now

I was able to get a job right out of school in my field of study, and over a year later I am still currently employed at that company.

I am living in Slinger Wisconsin with my wife Allison. I am an Assistant Project Manager at Barenz Builders, a custom home builder in the Milwaukee area. There I am in charge of managing, overseeing, and expediting the construction of luxury homes. My wife also just started Graduate school to obtain her Masters in Occupational Therapy from UW-Milwaukee.

what i would tell prospective students

Don't let the size of Dordt fool you. What Dordt lacks in the amount student enrollment ( which is growing every year) it makes up for in great business connections. You will find Dordt graduates all over the country that are willing and eager to connect with you.

Another thing is the professors. You will not find a more caring and qualified staff anywhere. Some of my best memories from Dordt are working with and spending time with my professors.

Also, make sure you bring a golf club (I preferred a 6 iron) and a tennis ball...or 5, and play a few rounds of campus golf. Dordt is also a short 50 minute drive away from Sioux Falls and Sioux City if you do want to hang out in a larger city.

how dordt helped me do more

I think Dordt set me up for success from the moment I stepped foot on campus. They prepared me for my career better than I think another university could have done.