Renae Buiter


Wheatfield, Indiana

The Story


“What drew me to this program were the hands-on opportunities and less classroom time,” says Renae. “My favorite part is getting to know the people and learn things outside the classroom that would otherwise be hard to learn inside with a whiteboard and instructor.”

In her first year in Pro-Tech, Renae worked with cattle at a local agriculture facility. Now in her second year as a Pro-Tech student, she has honed her skills working at Cooperative Farmers Elevator (CFE).

“I unload corn when farmers bring it in during harvest, help run the dryer late at night, answer phones sometimes, help in the feed mill making buckets, and unload fertilizer trucks,” she says.

Renae says she is thankful for the internship opportunity.

“The internships are what make this program so different than others. Having the internship experience along with your schooling gives me more of a perspective on the career I might want to have someday.”