Agriculture Program Profile

Our mission is to use a biblical foundation, theoretical knowledge, and applied experiences to prepare students to honor God through lives of service and leadership in agriculture.

More about Agriculture
Dr. Olthoff and a student stand beside a sheep pen


  • Courses and applied experiences are taught with a strong reformed, Christian perspective.
  • Our international connections enable students to learn about alternative agricultural practices and develop a passion for service.
  • Strong curricular quality and a variety of program options allow students to tailor their learning.
  • Our resources and facilities (e.g., Agricultural Stewardship Center) give students hands-on learning and research opportunities with both plants and animals.
  • Our collaborative community relationships enhance classroom learning, provide internship options, and provide faculty with regional teaching opportunities.


Students will be able to

  1. identify and analyze the impact of competing worldviews in the field of agriculture
  2. demonstrate a broad agricultural literacy encompassing the areas of business principles, science, agricultural theory and application, history, and environmental impact
  3. examine theories affecting agriculture and connect the theories through applied experiences and application in agriculture
  4. implement biblically faithful, "serviceable" action through their calling both in and outside the workplace