More After Dordt

Here are the facts—we care about our graduates! Each year the Career Development Center gets in touch with our most recent graduating class to find out where they are and what they are doing with their degrees from Dordt University. We call this the First-Destination Report. All statistics reported below are from the Class of 2019 First-Destination Report.

We follow strict standards for collecting our data and determining results. Our knowledge rate for the Class of 2019 is 95.5% (well above the national average).

Career outcome rate

The career outcome rate describes where our graduates landed, where they are employed or continuing their education after graduation, and more.


of the 2019 graduates are employed or continuing their education within 6 months of graduation. 


Why it matters

What does More After Dordt mean for you?


Here's the breakdown


Fast facts

In 2019, our top degrees included education, health, and agriculture. 100% of the students within these majors (and over 15 more) are working or in graduate school. 


reported their first-destination was in their major


reported participation in experiential learning at dordt


Where are they now?

Our 2019 graduates have landed throughout the United States, Canada, and the world⁠—27 states, 3 Canadian provinces, and 3 international locations.

What are they up to?

Whether our students start their careers right after Dordt or continue their education, our graduates are putting in work at notable industries and schools.

Some companies where you'll find 2019 Dordt graduates:
  • Chase
  • Deloite Canada 
  • Alcon Laboratories 
  • E. & J. Winery
  • The United States Secret Service
  • Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center
Some graduate schools where you'll find 2019 Dordt graduates:
  • Dordt University (Check out our graduate programs!)
  • Iowa & Iowa State University
  • Texas A&M
  • University of Colorado
  • Thomson Rivers University
  • Southern Oklahoma State University

More to the story

While not part of the First-Destinations Report, a 2019 alumni survey reported graduates have taken their calling for community and faith along with them wherever they have landed.

95% of all Dordt alumni say...

Dordt contributed to their personal spiritual growth

they attend church on a weekly basis