CLEP Credit Guide

Dordt uses the American Council on Education’s (ACE) recommendations for the minimum scores to receive college credit for CLEP examinations. The amount of credit that is granted for each CLEP exam is determined by the equivalent courses at Dordt.

Many times, these correspond to the ACE recommendations, but in some cases, this may vary from the ACE recommendations. A maximum of 30 credits of credit by examination through CLEP, AP, or other college-level examinations will be accepted toward a degree at Dordt University.

As with any transfer credit contact the Registrar’s Office prior to taking any courses or test for formal approval.

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CLEP Exam (CBT, April 2018 or later)Min. ScoreCreditsDordt Requirement Met
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature503Core 180
College Composition503Core 120
Humanities503Core 160
French: College Level 1 (two semesters)503

French 102

French: College Level 2 (four semesters)626

French 102 and elective

Spanish: College Level 1 (two semesters)503Spanish 102

Spanish: College Level 2 (four semesters)

636Spanish 102 and elective
American Government503

Political Science 202 / Core 264

History of the U.S. II: 1865 to Present503History 201 (does not meet Core)
Human Growth and Development503Psychology 204 / Core 251
Principles of Microeconomics503Economics 202
Principles of Macroeconomics503Economics 203

Introductory Psychology

503Psychology 201 (does not meet Core)
Introductory Sociology503Sociology 201 / Core 261
College Algebra503Math 115
College Mathematics503Math 149
Calculus504Math 152
Introductory Business Law503Business Administration 301

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