AP Exam Credit Guide

Dordt University consults the American Council on Education's (ACE) recommendations for the minimum scores to receive college credit for AP courses examinations. The amount of credit is granted for each AP exam is determined by the equivalent courses at Dordt.

Many times, the amount of credit granted corresponds to the ACE recommendations, but in some cases it may vary from the ACE recommendations. A maximum of 30 credits earned by way of credit by examination through CLEP, AP, or other college-level examinations will be accepted toward a degree at Dordt University.

As with any transfer credit contact the Registrar's Office prior to taking any courses or test for formal approval.

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AP CourseMin. ScoreTE CreditsDordt Requirement Met
Art History43ART elective
2-D Art and Design43

ART 201


Core 21X (CORE Natural Science, lab-based science)

Calculus AB or AB Subscore on Calculus BC44MATH 152
Calculus BC58MATH 152 and 153
Chemistry44CHEM 110
Computer Science A43CMSC elective

Computer Science Principles

43CMSC elective
English Language and Composition43

CORE 120

English Language and Literature43

CORE 180

Environmental Science44

ENVR 152

European History43

HIST elective

French Language and Culture

44FREN 101
French Language and Culture57

FREN 101 and 102

Human Geography43CORE 26X


43ECON 203
Microeconomics43ECON 202
Music Theory43

MUS 103

Physics 1 Algebra-based43PHYS elective
Physics 2 Algebra-based43PHYS elective
Physics 1 and 2 Algebra-based46

PHYS 215 and 216

Physics C: Mechanics43PHYS 231
Psychology43PSYC 201 (does not meet CORE)

Spanish Language and Culture

44SPAN 101

Spanish Language and Culture


SPAN 101 and 102

Statistics43CORE Quantitative Reasoning MATH 12X
United States Government and Politics43CORE 264
United States History43HIST 201

World History: Modern

43HIST elective

Music department will test students' aural skills to determine appropriateness of awarding credit for Music 104.

There may be individual cases where credit is awarded slightly differently than this chart indicates. This chart serves as a general guideline, however departments have some latitude in how they apply credit toward their major in individual cases.

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