Application for admission should be made well in advance of the semester a student wishes to enter Dordt. Admission for all freshman students is determined by the Office of Admissions after the application, fee, transcript(s) and ACT or SAT scores have been received.

  1. Complete the application for admission. Application is FREE for all full-time freshman applicants.
  2. Have an official high school transcript of grades 9-11 sent to Dordt. See the Transcript Request Form.
  3. Have your ACT/SAT/CLT score reports sent to Dordt, or indicate Test-Optional when applying:
    • Dordt's ACT code is 1301. To request that your score report be sent to Dordt, visit the ACT Report Request page.
    • Dordt's College Board (SAT) code is 6171. To request that your score report be sent to Dordt, visit the SAT Report Request page.

  4. Complete Dordt Scholarship forms by December 1.
    They will be available to print from Dordt's website. Be sure to contact the Coordinator for Scholarships and Grants or your admissions counselor to see which forms you should fill out.
  5. Financial aid forms to be filed after October 1:

    U.S. Students

    If you are a U.S. citizen, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form can be obtained from your high school counselor or from the Dordt financial aid office (click here to request a form) and may be submitted after the first of October. Students who wish to apply online should go to Remember after applying online you and your parents must sign the form either by submitting a hardcopy signature or signing the form electronically. This form must be submitted before April 1.

    You must also complete the Dordt Supplemental Data Form and, if interested in working on campus, the Student Employment Application Form. These forms should be completed by April 1.

    The Dordt Federal ID is #001859.

    Canadian Students

    If you are a Canadian citizen, you must complete the Dordt Canadian Financial Aid Form. This form should be printed, completed and returned directly to the financial aid office by April 1 to be included in the first round of awards. Canadian students who wish to work must also complete the Student Employment Application Form. This form should be completed by April 1.

Be sure to double check the Admissions/Financial Aid timeline to make sure everything is done on time.