Admission to law school relies on good grades, a high LSAT score, and a quality personal statement/resume. Much of your success in these areas will depend on your effort, but Dordt provides a supportive environment that allows you to develop needed skills.

Dordt grads have been accepted at schools such as Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, Duke, Notre Dame, Florida State, and the Universities of Chicago, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. In many cases, Dordt College grads have performed in the top 10 percent of their graduating classes. 

Nathaniel Zylstra, a '98 Dordt grad who later graduated from Yale Law School, says, "You can learn facts and information about various topics just about anywhere, but there are few places you can go to that challenge you to learn more important things: faith and values. Without the kind of Christian faith and worldview you will be challenged to develop at Dordt, all the knowledge and information in the world will be meaningless."