Department Profile

The mission of the music department of Dordt College is:

  • To promote the study and performance of music as a significant and rich aspect of God's world.
  • To reveal the creational structure of music and its development throughout human history.
  • To engage Dordt students and also constituents and the local community in active participation in music.
  • To prepare and inspire competent and discerning musicians eager for a life of service in music.
  • To be a resource and support system for church musicians and music educators.

Program Strengths

  • Performance opportunities are both in number and in range far beyond other colleges our size; more than 20 percent of the Dordt student body is engaged in music.
  • The music faculty, both full-time and adjunct, is characterized by high professional quality and strong commitment to the mission of Dordt College.
  • The music program enjoys outstanding facilities; our concert hall is frequently commended by guest artists.
  • Our community and constituency provide strong support for music as manifested in concert attendance and generous donor-initiated scholarships.
  • Music majors achieve high scores in national testing, consistently exceeding the national average.
  • Graduates serve successfully in diverse fields (including music education, church music, music management, and higher education) across the United States (e.g., Washington State, Oklahoma, San Francisco, Princeton).

Learning Objectives

Within the context of a Christian understanding of music, students will:

  1. Develop an understanding of the creational structure of music.
  2. Develop technical musical skills in pitch, rhythm, instrumental and vocal technique, and piano proficiency.
  3. Develop musicality and artistry in music performance.
  4. Develop responsibility, motivation, and maturity as individuals and as leaders.
  5. Understand disciplines within music, such as music theory and music history, as part of creational structure and creational development.
  6. Take delight in excellent musical experiences.