Hammurabi's code. Hannibal's military tactics. Hitler's Nazism. Studying history opens a fascinating window to the past, its people, and their stories.

History is so much more than a factual collection of names and dates. Where did you come from, and what makes you consider attending Dordt College? If you answer those questions, you'll get a glimpse of how others' choices and values contribute to decisions that people make every day.

History studies how people have shaped culture. So, whether cultural leaders believe in the sovereignty of God or believe in the sovereignty of humans affects the decisions they make and the way they act. Political systems, wars, laws, and textbooks reflect the values and worldviews of those who made them happen.

It can be challenging to be a Christian historian-or business person, teacher, scientist, or artist. In part that's because our language and institutions have been shaped by a culture that assumes that individual rights are all-important and that human reason can solve the world's problems. Our approach to studying history will give you a new and exciting way to understand history. It will also help you better understand how our world came to be what it is today and better prepare you to lead and serve others as a Christian in our culture.