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Police Administration

The Police Administration emphasis will prepare you for a management role in law enforcement.

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Program Overview

Unlike a master's degree in criminal justice, which typically focuses on theoretical knowledge, Dordt's MPA program focuses on practical skills such as hiring employees, managing budgets, evaluating programs, and shaping institutional culture. Also, as bachelor's degrees become more common in law enforcement, having a master's degree like an MPA is an important asset for those seeking to work in federal law enforcement, especially with agencies like the FBI.

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Program Details

Courses are offered in 7-week terms throughout the year.

A typical plan of study takes about two years to complete, with students taking one 7-week course at a time. Some opt for a slower pace, completing the program in four years.

  • Contemporary Policing: This course will focus on the development, operation, and evaluation of both evidence-based policing methods and community initiatives, including developing effective public-private partnerships in this area. Students will learn to develop effective crime prevention programs through critical analysis of case studies and current research with a goal of identifying the key factors that influence effective policies and the challenges of implementation.
  • Advanced Criminal Procedure: This course will foster a nuanced understanding of the logic and caselaw which animates the guarantees of the fourth, fifth, and sixth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Students will study foundational cases in the field, trace their development to modern standards, and discuss the decisions both made and anticipated which sit at the cutting edge of current law.

*Students will choose two additional courses from the general administration or nonprofit administration emphases.

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student success

"The Dordt University Graduate program was exactly what I was looking for when I was researching to further my education. The virtual classes were easy to navigate, great for instruction and made for easy communication with the instructors. The instructors themselves were God-loving individuals, extremely knowledgeable, 100% fair and great to deal with. Overall, it was the perfect program for my needs and educational desires."

Alex Pruismann, 2022 Dordt Graduate (Public Administration: Police Emphasis)


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