Summer Courses

These online courses, led by Dordt faculty, are offered during the summer to help students achieve their academic goals. The courses are available to current Dordt students, transfer students, incoming freshmen, and students from other institutions. High school juniors and seniors may also take courses for Dual Credit, except in the case where a prerequisite is not met.

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Current Dordt students and admitted Future Defenders, you don't need to fill out a new application to apply for the summer program. Please contact us if you'd like to enroll in one of these courses.

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Courses require a significant amount of work and dedication from students. Eight-week, three-credit courses require approximately 17 hours of work each week and 1.5 credit courses will require about half that much time. STAT 131 and MATH 153 are twelve-week courses.

Students can drop the course and receive a full refund and without an academic record if they drop the course by the dates listed below.

In the case of a withdrawal, the class will be listed as a "W" on the student's Dordt transcript.

  • Classes June 6 – July 31
  • Drop/Add is June 9

Courses Offered:

  • BUAD 201: Principles of Accounting
  • BUAD 202: Principles of Accounting
  • BUAD 205: Principles of Management
  • BUAD 206: Principles of Marketing
  • CORE 110: Communication Foundations
  • CORE 120: English Composition
  • CORE 130: Health, Sport, and the Body
  • CORE 150: Biblical Foundations
  • CORE 160: Introduction to the Arts
  • CORE 180: Responding to Literature
  • CORE 200: Introduction to Christian Philosophy
  • CORE 211: Creation Care and the Environment
  • CORE 251/PSYC 204: Lifespan Development
  • CORE 258: Leading and Serving Others
  • CORE 260/BUAD 226: Personal Financial Management and Stewardship
  • CORE 261/SOC 201: Sociology and Social Justice
  • CORE 276/SOC 216: Diversity and Inequality
  • CORE 310/EDUC 300: History and Philosophy of Education
  • CORE 325/HIST 335: History of Calvinism
  • CORE 399: Calling, Task, and Culture
  • ENVR 151: Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • HHP 211/BIO 210: Nutrition
  • HHP 209: Personal and Public Health
  • PHY 231: Introductory Physics I

12 Week Courses:

  • Classes May 22 – August 11
  • Drop/Add is May 25

Course Information:

  • MATH 153: Calculus II
  • STAT 131: Introductory Statistics

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