John and Louise Hulst Library

Hulst Library Mission:  We exist to help the Dordt learning community thrive. We do this by providing resources, spaces, technology, and expertise that enhance learning and teaching for kingdom service.





  • Digital Collections @ Dordt preserves and promotes the scholarly and creative efforts of the Dordt College community.
  • The Teaching Resource Center collection includes curricular resources that support pre-K through 12 Christian education programs and a collection of young adult and children's literature titles.
  • The Dordt College Archives and Special Collections preserves and manages all official records and other historical materials related to Dordt College. It also includes some historic materials related to the Christian Reformed Church, its local classis, and Dordt's Dutch heritage. 


The John and Louise Hulst Library is located in the Campus Center in the middle of Dordt College's residential campus. The story is told that when the B.J. Haan Auditorium was built, architects wanted to make the chapel into the campus focal point. However, Dr. John B. Hulst, Dordt's second president, is said to have replied, "No, the center of campus is the library."

At the Hulst Library, we want our space, collections, and services to reflect that sentiment. All of the scholarship, learning, cultural, and social activities that the library supports will help students, staff, and faculty to further serve in God's kingdom. The library is not just about books, the library is about people-how they learn, how they use information, and how they participate in the life of a learning community.