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Dr. Mike Janssen

Dr. Mike Janssen
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Phone: (712) 722-6398
Email: Mike.Janssen@dordt.edu


Ph.D., The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Mathematics, 2013)
M.S., The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Mathematics, 2009)
B.S., The University of South Dakota (Mathematics/Physics, 2007)


Areas of Interest

Mathematically, I am interested in what is often called pure mathematics. That is, I love thinking about a mathematical puzzle  purely for the joy of unfolding that little corner of God's Creation. My Ph.D. work was at the intersection of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry, and explored properties of polynomials satisfying certain constraints.

Lately, I've advised students on several research projects exploring the connections between algebraic structures and discrete mathematical structures such as networks. These have projects have led to multiple publications submitted to undergraduate research journals.

As a professor at Dordt, I'm also very interested in teaching mathematics. All of my classes involve a lot of student-led exploration, known as inquiry-based learning (IBL). I've even written an open source book, Rings with Inquiry, aimed at bringing active learning into the abstract algebra classroom. I've also become particularly active in the mastery grading community, seeking to publicize a more authentic philosophy of assessing student learning. 

I sometimes write about these topics and others (including work well in higher education) at my website.

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Recent Publications and Preprints


Courses Taught

Math 149 - Explorations in Modern Mathematics
Math 152 - Calculus I
Math 153 - Calculus II
Math 203 - Linear Algebra
Math 212 - Discrete Structures
Math 291 - Problem Solving Seminar
Math 304 - Abstract Algebra I
Math 342 - Special Topics: The Joy of Numbers
Math 342 - Special Topics: Foundations of Mathematics
Math 343 - Special Topics: Computational Algebra
Math 390 - History of Math
Stat 131 - Introduction to Statistics
Stat 201 - Applied Statistical Models
Stat 202 - Econometrics
Core 399 - Calling, Task, Culture