About Me

Dr. Mike Janssen

Dr. Mike Janssen
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Phone: (712) 722-6398
Email: Mike.Janssen@dordt.edu


Ph.D., The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Mathematics, 2013)
M.S., The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Mathematics, 2009)
B.S., The University of South Dakota (Mathematics/Physics, 2007)


Areas of Interest

Commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, discrete mathematics, inquiry-based learning, mastery grading


Recent Publications and Preprints


Courses Taught

Math 149 - Explorations in Modern Mathematics
Math 152 - Calculus I
Math 153 - Calculus II
Math 203 - Linear Algebra
Math 212 - Discrete Structures
Math 291 - Problem Solving Seminar
Math 304 - Abstract Algebra I
Math 342 - Special Topics: The Joy of Numbers
Math 342 - Special Topics: Foundations of Mathematics
Math 343 - Special Topics: Computational Algebra
Math 390 - History of Math
Stat 131 - Introduction to Statistics


Current Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I am interested in studying algebraic properties of geometric and discrete objects. Recently, these geometric objects have been arrangements of points in the projective plane and arrangements of lines in three-dimensional projective space. I've also been studying the interactions of squarefree monomial ideals with graphs. In education, I am interested in the use of mastery grading and inquiry-based learning to encourage my students to develop a growth mindset toward mathematics.

A current CV can be found here. More information can be found on my website.