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Dordt University costs are published on the Dordt University website.

Payment is due the first day each semester unless you are enrolled in a payment plan. Fall billing information is posted in mid-July, and spring billing is posted in mid-December. Students can access their online bill on > Finances. Use this document for instructions on how to view your statement. It is the student’s responsibility to access their online tuition statement & account summary that displays potential changes to charges and/or financial aid. A student's account can be discussed with the parent(s) or other responsible party upon written request of the student by submitting the Student Account Release Form.

You can make full payment prior to the first day of the semester by check, cash, wire, money order or online by electronic check or credit card. Monthly payment plan options are also available under Payment Options.

Most financial aid is posted to the student account approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester, provided that all documents are completed. Loan funds will credit the student account after the promissory note has been signed electronically and loan forms are submitted and processed. Alternative student loans are credited to student accounts when the funds are received by the university. Scholarships from private foundations or organizations will be posted when the actual check is received by the university.

Scholarships from private foundations or organizations will be credited to student tuition accounts when the actual check is received by the University. Like all other financial aid, the amount of the scholarship is divided equally between two semesters. For example, the $1,000 high school scholarship will show as a $500 credit on the fall semester and a $500 credit on the spring semester.

Students must purchase books directly from the Campus Store using personal funds. The cost of books ranges from $400-$1,200 per semester. The Campus Store accepts cash, checks (US or Canadian), money orders and credit card. The Campus Store does not extend credit, and the cost of books may not be added to a student’s tuition account. The Campus Store also has a book rental program. Please contact the Campus Store at 712-722-6420 for more details.

Earnings from an on-campus job are paid directly to the student through student payroll on or about the 10th of each month. Students need to apply for a job, work the hours allotted and remit a timecard in order to be paid. Payroll earnings are direct deposited into the student’s U.S. bank account.

Dordt University charges interest on any unpaid balance. If a student has not paid or enrolled in the monthly payment plan, an interest charge (9% annual rate) will be assessed on any unpaid balance. Students with a balance due will have a financial hold placed on their account, preventing them from registering for a future semester, and will not be able to have transcripts, grade reports or diplomas released. If you still have questions concerning your student account or payment procedures, please contact Samantha, Student Accounts Manager, at or 712-722-6013.

The amount due on the account statement is calculated by subtracting financial aid (excluding student employment*) from the total charges. The balance on the account to be met by financial aid but not received by the Business Office will accrue interest until the money is received (e.g. outside scholarships).

*Student employment earnings are paid by direct deposit on the 10th of the month for the prior month's wages.

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