International Student Services

At Dordt University, we welcome qualified students from countries around the world to be part of our learning community. We are delighted to have students from 28 different countries on campus, in addition to the United States and Canada, on campus.

Our international students enrich our student body and learning community with their various educational, linguistic, and cultural experiences and insights. Many of our international students are leaders in student government, residential life, and academic accomplishments.

A group of international students record a presentation


In order to enable international students to function to the best of their academic potential in a new country, and often in a second or third language, we offer the services of our Global Education Office.

Director of Global Education Adam Adams monitors the academic progress of all international students and meets with them at least once each semester to discuss their academic progress. He is also available for advice and help concerning students' progress in individual courses throughout the semester during his regular office hours. Additional services available to international students are proofreading, peer tutoring, and study skills development.

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Admission & Orientation

As part of the admissions packet, international students are asked to provide some information about their native language and the languages of their primary and secondary education. This information helps the coordinator plan for the arrival and serve the needs of these students. Non-native English speakers are also required to submit a current TOEFL or IELTS score. In addition, they attend the International/ESL Student Orientation, which takes place a couple of days before the other freshman and transfer student orientation.

Part of the orientation is the Entrance Interview for International/ESL Students. This interview serves as an academic orientation to the student as well as, in the case of non-native English speakers, an indication of potential needs of the student for Dordt's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses: EAP 101: Academic Interaction and Public Speaking, and EAP 102: Academic Writing, and EAP 103: North American English Pronunciation (See the current catalog under "Admission of International and ESL Students" for more information about the TOEFL or IELTS, orientation, entrance interview, and the EAP courses.)

Students Without Borders

Minority and international students may also be interested to know about Dordt's inter-cultural club, Students Without Borders. This organization is busy discovering, enjoying, and educating others about the rich cultural diversity created by God's children.

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