Agriculture Stewardship Center

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The ASC plays a key role in preparing students to work as professionals and servant-leaders in agriculture. Dordt students are guided and encouraged as they evaluate agricultural technology and practices from a biblical, Reformed perspective. Students see that God calls them—through the power of his Holy Spirit—to transform local and global food systems so that they better reflect the biblical principles of justice, love for one's neighbor, and care for creation.


  • Students in agriculture, biology, and environmental studies conduct group research projects on a diverse array of topics. Their findings are shared with fellow students in courses and at field days, workshops, and conferences.
  • Faculty and students continually evaluate crop and livestock production and management.
  • Research projects include field trials of aphid resistance, low linolenic oil traits of soybeans and rootworm resistance traits in corn. Field trials include twin-row corn production, row spacing, date of planting studies of soybeans, and certified organic production. Other studies have focused on animal feeding trials with ethanol industry byproducts. Students have also investigated water quality, insect populations, and biofuel crops.

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