Health & Immunization Requirements

During this time of global health crisis, Student Health and Counseling is sensitive to the difficulty students may have in meeting the full health and immunization requirements. Therefore, the requirement has been modified to remove any need to contact your healthcare provider for information if you live in an area hard hit by COVID-19. When the healthcare system is no longer taxed by the pandemic, we will follow up with students who are missing official documentation of required immunizations.

Please complete the following by July 15, 2020:

  • Health History and Tuberculosis Screening: All students are asked to complete the Health History and Tuberculosis Screen by July 15, neither item will require contact with a health care provider. This information provides Student Health and Counseling with information about your health status, past medical history, and enables us to better meet your health care needs while you are a student. Both items are accessed from the Student Account Checklist, through the Online Student Health Portal (OSHP). All medical information is confidential and will only be shared after you have given your authorization for us to do so. The Health History should be completed by you, the student, with help from a parent if necessary. It does not need to be reviewed by your healthcare provider.
  • Immunization History: Students are asked to submit any official record of immunization that they have access to. This may be a document printed from the online health chart through your provider, your state health department’s immunization program, or a document obtained from your school. Please do not contact your healthcare provider for an immunization record. Immunization records should be uploaded through the OSHP, directions for uploading are on the Student Account Checklist*If you are unable to locate documentation of immunizations, you will be asked to repeat the vaccines in question or confirm immunity through a blood test at a later date. 

Health and Immunization Requirements

Additional information:

For more information from the CDC about each required vaccination in the documents:

For more information from the CDC on how to find your immunization records:

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