Health & Immunization Requirements

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Please complete the following by January 2 for Spring semester, and July 1 for Fall semester:

  • Health History and Tuberculosis Screening: This information provides Student Health and Counseling with information about your health status and past medical history and enables us to better meet your health care needs while you are a student. The Health History and Tuberculosis Screening form is accessed from the Student Account Checklist, through the Online Student Health Portal (OSHP). All medical information is confidential and will only be shared after you have given your authorization for us to do so. The Health History should be completed by you, the student, with help from a parent if necessary. It does not need to be reviewed by your healthcare provider.
  • Immunization History: Please complete, enter dates, upload, and submit the Dordt University Immunization Record to the Online Student Health Portal accessed through the Student Account Checklist. Check to be sure that your healthcare provider’s signature and office stamp are in the appropriate spaces.  Up to date copies of medical records or state health department records with documentation of immunizations are also accepted; please check to be sure all required immunizations are listed.  *If you are unable to locate documentation of immunizations, you may repeat the vaccines in question or confirm immunity through a blood test.  In cases where immunity is confirmed through blood work, copies of the blood work can be uploaded into the OSHP along with any additional immunization records.

Official Documentation of Immunization Records is available through:

  • Your Health Care Provider
  • State Public Health Department’s immunization program
  • The branch of the military that you or a parent have served in

Unable to locate immunization records?

More information about immunizations and the diseases they prevent is available at:

Health and Immunization Requirements

Dordt University strongly recommends that all students are up to date for all routine vaccines listed in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Immunization Schedule. In the event of an outbreak of vaccine-preventable disease on Dordt University’s campus, under-vaccinated and unvaccinated students should be protected from exposure to disease and will be required to leave campus. The student will be responsible for any loss of tuition or housing fees, loss of credit hours, and/or missed assignments associated with this leave.

Additional information:

For more information from the CDC about each required vaccination in the documents: