Eating Disorders

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Dordt University is dedicated to helping students get the most out of their university life, both in and outside of the classroom. While a student’s right to make his/her own decisions is valued and respected, when their behavior or choices create serious risk of harm to self or others, the university has a responsibility to intervene.

When staff or faculty members are made aware of a student's struggle with an eating disorder, every effort will be made to collaborate respectfully and in a caring manner with the student. The student will be informed about the reasons for the concern and will be required to participate in assessment and
treatment as deemed necessary. The assessment will in most cases begin at the Student Health and Counseling Center. Depending upon the results of the initial assessment, students will then be provided with options for appropriate help off-campus.

Effective treatment involves a team comprised of the student, a medical doctor, a mental health professional, and a dietitian. Students with a diagnosis of an eating disorder will be asked to provide verification of their treatment care team and a signed commitment to work with that team while enrolled as a student or until the team discharges the student from their care.