Student Activities

Student activities are an important part of Dordt. The Student Activities Committee is a group of students and staff who work to initiate, plan, organize, facilitate, and implement campus-wide activities throughout the entire academic year.

As a residential campus, Dordt students value the campus community experience. Student Activities Committee coordinates student events that promote community growth and provide fun and creative activities for all students. Students Activities Committee provides a variety of events and activities for students to participate in each month.

Some of the events that Student Activities Committee has sponsored over the past year include:

  • Air Band
  • Defender Frenzy
  • Fall Fest Pumpkin
  • Christmas Party
  • Talent Extravaganza (TX)
  • NC/DC
  • Laser Tag
  • Minute to Win It Game Night
  • Rook Tournaments
  • Live Bands

To learn more about the Student Activities Committee, check out the Student Activities Committee Facebook page.