Student Activities

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Student activities are an important part of Dordt culture. Dordt Student Activities (DSA) is a group of students and staff who work to initiate, plan, organize, facilitate, and implement campus-wide activities throughout the entire academic year.

As a residential campus, Dordt students value the campus community experience. Dordt Student Activities coordinates student events that promote community growth and provide fun and creative activities for all students. DSA provides a variety of events and activities for students to participate in each month.

Some of the events that Dordt Student Activities has sponsored over the past year include: 

  • Air Band
  • Outdoor Movie Night
  • Fall Fest 
  • Christmas Party
  • Table Tennis Tournaments
  • Talent Extravaganza (TX)
  • NC/DC
  • Spring Formal
  • Rook Tournaments
  • Glow Skate

To learn more about Dordt Student Activities, check out the DSA Facebook page.