A Mission OutReach (AMOR)

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AMOR, which stands for A Mission OutReach, is a vision trip: The goal is to see what God is already doing in another part of the world, because we believe that Jesus and the gospel go before us. AMOR is also an opportunity for students to gain cross-cultural experience, to apply their majors and unique gift sets to glorify God and serve others. 

Annually, more than 40 Dordt students travel to developing countries where they are introduced to the culture and the missional challenges of their host country, partner with local organizations, and possibly carry out work projects. Past AMOR groups have served in Cambodia, Liberia, Tanzania, Nepal, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, India, Jamaica, and Haiti.

Depending on the trip, flight costs, the size of the group, and the work being done at the site, the cost per student ranges from $1,500 to $4,000. AMOR is a two-week experience, taking place during Christmas break and immediately after school ends in May. Students can receive applications in September during the AMOR meeting, which discusses the options for the upcoming missions.

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Also, here is a look at an AMOR trip from 2013: