Covenant Hall

Covenant Hall is located on the east side of campus. Constructed in 1998, the building provides its residents with a panoramic view of the college and many technological conveniences. The basement study room was renovated in 2002. The Campus Health Center was added in 2003, and the rest of the basement was renovated in 2004.

Covenant Hall was built with residents in mind and offers a spacious living environment that fosters academic, social, and community development.


Building Structure

Three-story brick with a full basement

Building Features

  • 109 double rooms
  • Six handicap accessible rooms
  • One learning community assistant (LCA) apartment
  • Wireless Internet access and network connections in each room
  • Cable TV
  • Four lounges
  • Two kitchenettes
  • Variety of rooms for study, prayer, and practicing instruments
  • Large computer lab
  • Community bathroom on each floor
  • Elevator access to the entire building
  • Candy and pop machines
  • Laundry facilities
  • Electronic security system
  • Air conditioning

Room Specs

  • Suites are 14' x 12' with an additional closet space that measures 5' 8" x 2' 4"
  • Carpet is teal
  • Depth of bookcase/desk hutch shelves is 11"
  • Width of closet is 66" and is shared between two people
  • Depth of closet is 23"
  • Height of space under lower bed is 8"
  • Note: Some dimensions vary due to room arrangement


  • All rooms are furnished with stackable modular furniture
  • All beds have extra long mattresses (78" long)
  • Two dressers
  • Two desks-each with a desk light
  • Two bookcases
  • One closet

Appliances Allowed

Dorm-size refrigerator


Six resident assistants, one learning community assistant, and one learning community area coordinator


240 women (primarily freshmen and sophomores)