2016-17 Chapel Schedule


This semester in chapel we're looking at various aspects of Reformed theology with a particular interest in their relevance for us today. The name of the series is, "Re-forming What it Means to Be Reformed."

Date Title Presenter Media
01-11 Semper Reformanda Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
01-18 Why I'm Reformed Dr. Erik Hoekstra MP3 | Video
01-25 Covenant Theology in an Age of Individualism Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
02-01 Special Guest Jon De Groot MP3 | Video
02-08 Total Depravity versus False Piety Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
02-15 Arrogantly Reformed Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
02-22 Special Guest Dr. Benjamin Lappenga MP3 | Video
03-01 Election to What? Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
03-15 Charismatically Reformed (The Kuyper and Calvin You Don't Know) Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
03-22 Special Guest Kevin Murphy No media
03-29 Narrow Ways versus Narrow Minds: Celebrating What Isn't Reformed Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
04-05 Special Guest Dr. Tanner Smith MP3 | Video
04-14 Good Friday Chapel Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
04-19 A Piety Lost Aaron Baart MP3 | Video


This fall, our chapel series will walk through various events in the books of Acts. As the early New Testament Church began to establish its place in the ancient world, it made a name for itself in its peculiar and subversive way of courageously loving. These little communities of faith quickly became the best thing that was happening to the broader ancient world, all while still working through their own brokenness. The Acts weren't unlike the serviceable insight we are trying to teach Dordt students. Our messages this fall will try to connect those two even closer.

Date Title Presenter Media
08-24 Acts 1:1-11 Aaron Baart No media
08-31 Acts 2:1-41 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
09-07 Acts 2:42-47 Jon De Groot MP3 | Video
09-14 Acts 4:23 - 5:11 Aaron Baart (Musical Guest: Aaron Strumpel) MP3 | Video
09-21 Acts 5:12-42 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
09-28 Special Guest Scott Evans No media
10-05 Acts 8:1-25 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
10-14 Acts 10:1-48 (Defender Days Chapel) Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
10-19 Acts 14:8-20 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
10-26 Acts 15:1-21 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
11-02 Special Guest Josh Louwerse MP3 | Video
11-09 Acts 16:11-40 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
11-16 Acts 18:18 - 19:22 Aaron Baart No media
11-30 Acts 19:23-41 Aaron Baart No media
12-07 Christmas Chapel Aaron Baart No media