2012-13 Chapel Schedule

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to come together each Wednesday morning when students are on campus to worship God together and to reflect as a Christian community on contemporary issues. These worship times include singing, prayer and reflections on Scripture. Chapel participation is encouraged for all students and employees.

Chapels are each Wednesday while students are on campus from 11-11:40 AM.

2012-13 Chapel Schedule

"The Gospel in So Many Words"

This fall we'll examine a series that looks at the key words and themes of Jesus' teachings. Each week, a different word or theme is emphasized.

Date Word Description Listen
Aug. 29 Listen   MP3 | Podcast
Sept. 5 Messiah Memorial Chapel: Josh Tucker MP3 | Podcast
Sept. 12 Repent   MP3 | Podcast
Sept. 19 Lord   MP3 | Podcast
Sept. 26 Faith/Belief   MP3 | Podcast
Oct. 3 Stewarding   MP3 | Podcast
Oct. 10 Feasting   MP3 | Podcast
Oct. 17 Authority   MP3 | Podcast
Oct. 24 Humility/Sincerity   MP3 | Podcast
Oct. 31 Engage Guest Speaker: Steve Taylor (Blue Like Jazz) MP3 | Podcast
Nov. 7   Guest Speaker: Dr. John Stackhouse, “Why God Didn’t Make You More Beautiful than You Are" MP3 | Podcast
Nov 14. Lost   MP3 | Podcast
Nov. 28 Heal   MP3 | Podcast
Dec. 5 Suffering Guest Speaker: Rob Rozeboom MP3 | Podcast
Dec. 12 Emmanuel   MP3 | Podcast

"The Seven Deadly Sins Meet the Seven Lively Virtues"

Date Title Details Listen
Jan. 16 Learning To Live with a Reformed Personality Disorder Scheduled guest: Dr. Erik Hoekstra  
Jan. 23 Intro to Series: “The Seven Deadly Sins Meet the Seven Lively Virtues”   MP3 | Podcast
Jan. 30 Gluttony Meets Persecution   MP3 | Podcast
Feb. 6 Lust Meets Pureness of Heart   MP3 | Podcast
Feb. 13 Guest speaker Scheduled Guest: Rev. Tanner Smith MP3 | Podcast
Feb. 20 Avarice Meets Mercy   MP3 | Podcast
Feb. 27 Wrath Meets Meekness   MP3 | Podcast
March 6 Commissioning Service   MP3 | Podcast
March 20 Envy Meets Mourning   MP3 | Podcast
March 27 Accidie Meets a Hunger for Righteousness   MP3 | Podcast
March 29 Good Friday Service   MP3 | Podcast
April 3 Guest speaker Scheduled Guest: Rev. John Lee MP3 | Podcast
April 10 Hubris Meets Humilitas   MP3 | Podcast
April 17 Repentance   MP3 | Podcast
April 24 Renewal   MP3 | Podcast
May 1 Senior Sending   MP3 | Podcast