Catalyst for Change

A picture of Tom Oord

During his first year at Dordt, Tom was a business major with a GPA of 1.7. He explains that although the business department was excellent, he was simply a terrible student. Next year, however, Tom switched his major, began applying himself, and began to thrive.

“After changing my major to theology, and applying myself I began to excel in classes—which is great,” he explains. “But, if it wasn't for the experiences, opportunities, and mentors that Dordt provided me I would not be able to be where I am today and have a clear path of what I am doing in the future.”

After graduating, Tom attended the Western Theological Seminary on the full-ride Girod Fellowship scholarship. As he studies to become a pastor-theologian, Tom is working on several research projects with author Dr. J. Todd Billings and Dordt faculty.

Despite his rocky start, Tom spent his time at Dordt leading small groups, working as a youth pastor in a local church, and working as a teaching assistant for five teachers. He was also a research assistant for a project that allowed him to travel to Liberia, Mexico, India, and all over Europe. Overall, Tom says that Dordt changed his worldview and his life. He is grateful for the many professors and faculty members who advised him.

“My experience at Dordt has been the greatest catalyst for change in my life, as well as the biggest paradigm shifter in my worldview. I've had the absolute privilege to have some of the greatest mentors you could ask for and had really wise (and incredibly patient) people speak into my life.”