The advancement office oversees the production of most of the college's external communication materials, including advertising, student recruitment publications, much of this website, and the following periodicals:

The Voice

The Voice magazine is sent to members of the Dordt College constituency in November, February, and June. The Voice includes articles about campus programs, people, and events, helping alumni stay connected, readers stay informed, and constituents better understand the mission and programs of Dordt College as they support with their gifts and prayers.


On-Campus is a semi-annual two-page newsletter containing general information about programs and activities of the college. The print version is distributed in bulk to supporting churches.

Dordt College News

Dordt College News is published twice a year in conjunction with the admissions office to communicate news of Dordt College to prospective students.

Alumni e-newsletter

The alumni e-newsletter is distributed once a month to those alumni who subscribe.

Parent e-newsletter (PEN Pal)

The parent e-newsletter is sent to parents of current students four times a year. Parents can sign up here.

If you have questions about or wish to receive a free sample copy or subscription to one of these publications, contact Sally Jongsma, periodicals editor, 712-722-6026 or 1-800-343-6738 (option 3).

For information about other Dordt College communication materials, contact, or toll-free at the number above.