The Voice: Summer 2001

The Voice

Alumni scholarship winners interviewed via web

As we have every year for the past twenty, the alumni council awarded scholarships to junior students on behalf of the alumni association. This year, however, the final selection process was a virtual meeting, of sorts. The three finalists were interviewed on campus with six of the alumni council present. Five other members participated via webcast. The half hour interviews were recorded on video and broadcast to alumni council members in Phoenix, Arizona; Manhattan, Montana; Denver, Colorado; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Jericho, Vermont, who logged on to their computers at the scheduled time. They were able to ask questions and contribute to the discussion via e-mail. While the meeting lacked the collegiality of our on-campus sessions, everyone agreed it was an acceptable alternative to making the trek to campus.
This is an example of the way technology can help us do our work. The future holds
the promise of more and better ways to do such things. We believe technology is a
particularly promising way for Dordt to maintain its alumni connection since we have a high proportion of alumni living outside of the immediate area. We are already staying in touch with almost 4000 alumni through the monthly e-mail news. If you're not on our mailing list, we'd like to include you.
Some research shows that as many as ninety-five percent of college graduates have access to the internet. We have e-mail addresses for about one-third of our alumni. We'd love to have more so we can do a better job of staying in touch with more of you. Send your e-mail address to, and we'll add you to our e-mail news list as well as our on-line e-mail directory. That's a great way to make contact with that long-lost roommate or classmate. In the future we hope to make even more services available on-line. We'd like to hear from you about the services we could offer that would help you stay
connected to Dordt and other alumni. Drop us a note or e-mail with your ideas.

And the
winners are...

Joy Vander Wal
Pella, Iowa,
Education major

Adam Smit
Twin Falls, Idaho,
Psychology and
Theatre Arts major

Joel Schreurs
Sheldon, Iowa,
English major