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Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony, 2018 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Player 2 Productions | Right where you need to be

Best of Show, 2018 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Movie Knight Productions| Playing by Ear

Best of Category: High School, 2018 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Pepper Productions | Defamy

Best of Category: College, 2018 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Cavale Creative | The Flat Truth

Best of Category: Post-College, 2018 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Sad Cat Studios | Fixer Upper

People's Choice, 2018 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Arrow Films | Seasonal Maintenance

blue koala media | "It all started with a tweet"

Bonkers Production | the Girl Upstairs

Crazy Films| A Cookie Adventure

Dragonsmith| Promposal

Fiery Phoenix | The Call

Golden Eagle Studio| Christmas in America

Good Enuf Productions| Quest & Love: The Movie

Handcrafted Productions| Hey Lucy

Howilis| Wavelengths of Love

Illusions Productions | The Banana Robbery 2: The Escape

Jhoem Productions | Locked-Up

Lights Camera Action Film Club | Happy Christmas - A Narrator Production

Mannschaft | Lover

Meme Bois | The Magician

Monte Ne Pictures| Contender

Mountaintop Imagery | 15th and Chicago

Nevergreen Productions | Stand-up


Northeast Audio | The Christmas Album

Northeast Digital Cinema Club | Hero in my mind

Oh Hey! Productions | Crashing

Pella Christian Chess Club | The Tale of Nick and Eddy

Piña Productions | Parallel Lines

Run for your life Productions | The Baker's Dozen

Soft Leg Productions | Another Christmas Musical

Studio 233 | "I never thought I'd End my day in jail"

Thoroughly Thought Productions | The Invitation

Trial and Error Productions | A study in success

Twizlers | "It all started with a tweet"

Type B Productions | #Regrets

Udo Velvet Production | Two Shades of Christmas

UUU Productions | Bowtied

Waldorf | Catching Vern

Weapons of Mass Distraction | Pure Imagination

Wendigo Pictures | The Matchbaker