Mike Billeter


Since becoming a part of the marketing and advertising industry, I've done my best to use my writing skill set to create content that ranges from marketing/advertising/PR-related content to dynamic website copy for clients and internal projects. Along with creative and exciting copywriting, I can also shift my writing style in order to write for more formal efforts such as client proposals, personal letters, and research summaries.

My career has brought me into copywriting projects that range from local businesses to nationally-recognized brands. During my time as a contracted writer at deep group, I was able to do creative work for major brands including Kerry Beverages, Nestle's line of Stouffer's products, Lamb Weston, Borden Dairy and more.

Since my tenure at Storyline through my time at ADwërks, I've been heavily invested in the social media and online marketing facet of marketing/PR. From social media account establishment and maintenance to self-created blog content and integration into overall marketing plans, my experience in social media has been extremely beneficial.

Overall, my goals include the opportunity to write and create content for exciting efforts and projects in any form or fashion, whether they come from client work, internal work, or my personal life. I aim to always be both an appreciated teammate and a trusted adviser/teacher who does more than write a quarter-page print ad or a paragraph of copy for a website. I hope to take a company or client's mission and make it so dynamic that it inspires others to feel as passionate about that company as I feel when I write the copy.

On the other side of life, I aspire to be a husband my wife loves and appreciates, a father my kids love and respect, and a follower of Christ who sets an example for others.

Some of my areas of focus include traditional copywriting, web copywriting, research, social media communication, account management, strong music awareness, and a borderline encyclopediac amount of useless trivia knowledge.

I currently work as the Communication Director at Central Church in Sioux Falls, SD, as well as managing a small handful of freelance writing clients in whatever spare time I have left. I also earned my Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Sioux Falls in the fall of 2021.