Dr. Ethan Brue co-authors “A Christian Field Guide to Technology”

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Dordt Engineering Professor Discusses Maintaining a Christian Relationship with Technology

A Christian Field Guide to Technology for Engineers and Designers

Dordt University engineering professor, Dr. Ethan Brue, recently released his co-authored book A Christian Field Guide to Technology.”

Brue, Calvin University Professor of Computer Science Dr. Derek Schuurman, and Multicore Solutions Principal Engineer Steve VanderLeest provide a field guide for fellow explorers working with technology. Using numerous case studies, historical examples, and personal stories, they explore issues such as:

  • biblical themes and passages that relate to technology
  • the ethics and norms involved in technology design
  • how engineering and technology tap into human dreams for a better world

The book seeks to acknowledge the challenges arising from technology, but also points to the wonderful possibilities it offers and its ability to contribute to the common good. For Christians studying and working in engineering, computer science, technical design, architecture, and related fields, this book is packed with wisdom and practical guidance.

“The book provided me the space to craft a more concise expression of what I have been teaching at Dordt for the last 20 years, relating to both biblical foundations for doing technology and the history of technology in a reformed-philosophical perspective,” says Brue.

Technology shapes the way people live, interact, work, play, and worship. Technology and its power are both old and new―as is the wisdom needed to envision, design, build, and use it well. For Christians passionate about developing technology, it's not always clear how faith and work intersect. How can designing and using technology be a way of honoring God?

“‘A Christian Field Guide to Technology’ provides a much-needed resource for the technological user and developer alike, to dig deeper into what it means to do technology obediently in gratitude for what Christ has done for us,” says Dr. Justin Vander Werff, department chair and professor of engineering at Dordt University. “Technology is far deeper, far more integral and meaningful in our lives, than simply the latest gadget; this book helps us discern what God’s Word teaches about doing technology in his creation.”

The authors encourage readers to ask hard questions, aspire to noble purposes, and live a life consistent with their faith as they engage with technology.

“We hope this book will invite engineers and technologists to see how their faith is inseparable from their work, how their deepest hopes can find a place in their day-to-day creating and designing, and how their doing of technology can be an expression of love of God and neighbor,” says Brue.

The book can be purchased in the Dordt University Campus Store.

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