Graduate student designs updated disc golf course for city park

Sports leadership student partners with city on practicum project

Nathan Endemano

Dordt University graduate student and assistant football coach, Nathan Endemano, is partnering with the city of Sioux Center to update the design of the disc golf course located in one of the local parks. The city will begin making the updates on May 20, and expects it to take place over the course of a couple weeks.

As a graduate student receiving a master’s degree with a focus on sport leadership from Dordt, Endemano was required to fulfill a practicum requirement, focusing on a facility improvement. As an avid disc golfer who has played in various leagues and tournaments across the United States, Endemano saw an opportunity to assist with upgrading the course in Children’s Park in Sioux Center.

“I saw Children’s Park as a space with potential for an upgraded course so I offered my experience to the Parks Department,” says Endemano.

Endemano created a website that he showed to city planners and the parks department, in order to present his plan. The project includes moving and adding pads and pins along the course, and upgraded signage.

“It is not just hypothetical or theoretical work,” says Endemano. “This program has immediate impact on my coaching and gives me tools I can implement instantly.”

Endemano’s plans included considerations such as safety, designing around buildings, playground areas, and the bike path.

“We have had many tremendous examples of graduate students developing new events, developing camps, and redoing facilities through our different modules,” says Dr. Craig Stiemsma, who advises sport leadership students on their projects. “Nathan’s practicum in disc golf course design for Children’s Park is exemplary as it adds value to the community.”