Volleyball Hosts GPAC Contest Wednesday

Volleyball Hosts GPAC Contest Wednesday


Dordt will be hosting Mount Marty on Wednesday, October 9 starting at 6:00 with the junior varsity match and 7:30 for the varsity contest. The contest can be heard on KDCR 88.5 and there will be live video coverage at https://livestream.com/dordtwebcast/Volleyball .  Results will be posted to www.dordt.edu/athletics and https://twitter.com/dordtdefenders and also at https://www.facebook.com/dordtdefenders  .


Mount Marty is 7-15 this season and 0-7 in GPAC play. The Lancers have not played since a 3-0 loss to Northwestern on October 2 and the Yankton, South Dakota school has lost five matches in a row dating back to a September 17 loss to York.

The Lancers have an 11.3 kills per set average and a 1.43 kill efficiency.   The Lancers get 1.45 point per set on blocks and allow 2.09.  The Lancers have 93 team ace serves while they have surrendered 112 this season.

Elizabeth Watchorn is averaging 2.67 kills per set and Gabby Ruth is at 2.51 and Mikaela Ahrendt has lifted her kills per set average to 2.56. Amber Miller puts up 7.58 assists per set. Watchorn is also the leader in digs with a 3.87 average and she has a team high 25 ace serves.  


Dordt is 13-6 this season with its losses coming to Corban (Oregon), Rocky Mountain (Montana), Jamestown, Park and Northwestern. Dordt’s losses are to teams in the most recent NAIA Coaches’ Poll.  The Defenders have a 4-3 GPAC record as the conference hits the midpoint of the season.

Dordt has a 13.65 kills per set average with a .222 kill efficiency. Dordt is averaging 2.2 points per set on blocks and has a 98-68 service ace advantage. Dordt gets to 14.72 digs per outing and limit opponents to 11.08 kills per set and a .174 kill efficiency.

The Defenders are led at the net by Karsyn Winterfeld with 2.92 kills per set and she also has a team high 31 ace serves and gets to 2.34 digs per outing. Ally Krommendyk is at 2.45 kills with a .344 kill efficiency and Jessi De Jager is at 2.42 with a .313 kill efficiency.  Corrina Timmermans is averaging 2.53 kills per set but has missed the last five matches with injury. Hannah Connelly gets 4.51 digs per outing and Erica Bousema averages 2.34.  Megan Raszler leads the team with a 7.74 assists per set average. Lydia Smits has a 1.73 kills per set average and Ava Van Soelen is at 1.26 and Jori Bronner’s kill average is 1.92.   


Dordt and Mount Marty played on Saturday, September 20 and Dordt was a 25-15, 27-25, 25-21 winner behind a .337 kill efficiency. Winterfeld had 10 kills and Raszler 30 assists.  Dordt totaled 10 points from blocks and Emily Feilmeier had 12 digs. Ruth put down 12 kills to lead Mount Marty and Miller put up 33 assists.


The Lancers were on the short end of a 25-22, 25-5, 25-16 score with Northwestern on October 2 in a match played in Yankton. The Lancers allowed a .447 kill efficiency and gave up eight service aces.  Ahrendt had eight kills and Watchorn and Ruth each had six kills. Miller put up 21 assists and Brinkman recorded eight digs.

Dordt went to five sets and beat Grand View on October 5 25-22, 25-19, 23-25, 25-13, 16-14.  Winterfeld had 18 kills and 11 digs in the win while Krommendyk put down 16 kills and had one solo block and two assisted blocks. Bronner added 14 kills and Raszler put up 54 assists with Connelly recording a match high 28 digs.


Mount Marty will travel to Jamestown on Friday night and Presentation in Aberdeen, South Dakota on Saturday.

Dordt will host Dakota Wesleyan on Saturday before traveling to Northwestern next Wednesday, October 16


  • Northwestern                    7-0/19-0
  • Jamestown                        6-1/16-3
  • Midland                              5-3/13-6
  • Concordia                          5-3/16-3
  • Dordt                                   4-3/13-6
  • Morningside                      4-4/12-6
  • Doane                                 3-4/12-8
  • Hastings                              3-4/8-9
  • Briar Cliff                            3-5/13-9
  • Dakota Wesleyan             2-6/16-6
  • College Saint Mary          3-5/18-8
  • Mount Marty                    0-7/7-15


September 3

Jamestown def. Dordt 3-1


September 4

Midland def. Doane 3-2

Briar Cliff def. Mount Marty 3-0

College of Saint Mary def. Morningside 3-2

Northwestern def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-1

Concordia def. Hastings 3-1


September 11

Hastings def. Doane 3-1

Briar Cliff def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-1

Midland def. Morningside  3-0

Concordia def. College of Saint Mary 3-1

Northwestern def. Dordt 3-1


September 13

Jamestown def. Mount Marty 3-1


September 14

Doane def. Morningside 3-0

Hastings def. College of Saint Mary 3-0

Jamestown def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-0

Northwestern def. Mount Marty 3-0

Midland def. Concordia 3-1

Dordt def. Briar Cliff 3-0


September 17

Morningside def. Concordia 3-1


September 18

Northwestern def. Briar Cliff 3-0

Midland def. College of Saint Mary 3-0

Dakota Wesleyan def. Mount Marty 3-0


September 21

Doane def. College of Saint Mary 3-0

Dordt def. Mount Marty 3-0

Jamestown def. Briar Cliff 3-0

Morningside def. Hastings 3-2


September 24

Northwestern def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-1


September 25

Concordia def. Doane  3-0

Midland def. Hastings 3-0


September 27

Jamestown def. Dordt 3-1


September 28

Morningside def. Midland 3-2

Briar Cliff def. Mount Marty 3-1

Concordia def. College of Saint Mary 3-0

Northwestern def. Jamestown 3-0

Dordt def.  Dakota Wesleyan 3-2


October 2

Jamestown  def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-1

Doane def. Midland 3-2

Dordt def. Briar Cliff 3-1

College of Saint Mary def. Morningside 3-2

Hastings def. Concordia 3-1

Northwestern def. Mount Marty 3-0


October 4

Dakota Wesleyan def. Briar Cliff 3-0


October 5

Morningside def. Doane 3-0

College of Saint Mary def. Hastings 3-2

Concordia def. Midland 3-1


October 9

Doane @ Concordia

Briar Cliff @ Northwestern

Midland @ Hastings

Mount Marty @ Dordt


October 11

Morningside @ Concordia

Mount Marty @ Jamestown


October 12

Morningside @ Hastings

College of Saint Mary @ Doane

Northwestern @ Jamestown

Dakota Wesleyan @ Dordt


October 15

Briar Cliff @ Morningside


October 16

Hastings @ Doane

Midland @ College of Saint Mary

Dakota Wesleyan @ Mount Marty

Dordt @ Northwestern


October 18

Jamestown @ Briar Cliff


October 19

Briar Cliff @ Hastings

Dakota Wesleyan @ College of Saint Mary

Northwestern @ Midland

Dordt @ Concordia

Mount Marty @ Doane

Jamestown @ Morningside


October 23

Morningside @ Dordt

College of Saint Mary @ Northwestern


October 25

Doane @ Jamestown

Concordia @ Briar Cliff

Hastings @ Dakota Wesleyan

Midland @ Mount Marty


October 26

Concordia @ Mount Marty

Hastings @ Jamestown

Doane @ Dakota Wesleyan

Midland @ Briar Cliff

Morningside @ Northwestern

College of Saint Mary @ Dordt


October 31

Jamestown @ Concordia


November 1

Northwestern @ Doane

Briar Cliff @ College of Saint Mary

Mount Marty @ Morningside

Jamestown @ Midland

Dordt @ Hastings


November 2

Mount Marty @ College of Saint Mary

Dakota Wesleyan @ Midland

Northwestern @ Hastings

Dakota Wesleyan @ Midland

Dordt @ Doane


November 3

Dakota Wesleyan @ Concordia


November 6

Doane @ Briar Cliff

Morningside @ Dakota Wesleyan

College of Saint Mary @ Jamestown

Hastings @ Mount Marty

Concordia @ Northwestern

Midland @ Dordt