Dordt High School Math Challenge Results

Over 245 High Schools Students Participate in Dordt's Math Challenge

Math Challenge Competitors

More than 245 high school students from 17 area high schools competed in the fifth annual Dordt College Math Challenge on Tuesday, October 16.

Students tested their mathematical creativity with novel problems on two exams. They also engaged in breakout sessions that were led by Dordt College mathematics and statistics professors.

“This event is an opportunity for high school students to test their knowledge and understanding of mathematics in individual and team competitions through both conceptual and non-traditional problems,” says Dr. Tom Clark, who teaches mathematics at Dordt.

During breakout sessions, the students learned how to solve a murder mystery using mathematical clues, learned Mathigami, learned how mathematics can help win the ancient game of Nim, discovered pattern finding and counting strategies, and interacted with a career panel that included a statistician with the Los Angeles Dodgers and an actuary with Principal Financial.

“Our hope is that students learn that math is bigger than algebra; it’s interesting, deep, and full of beauty,” Clark says.

Participating schools

  • Bishop Garrigan High School (Algona, Iowa)
  • Brandon Valley High School (Brandon, South Dakota)
  • Edgerton Public School (Edgerton, Minnesota)
  • Ellsworth Public School (Ellsworth, Minnesota)
  • Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School (Hartley, Iowa)
  • Lawton-Bronson High School (Lawton, Iowa)
  • Millard North High School (Omaha, Nebraska)
  • Maurice-Orange City-Floyd Valley High School (Orange City, Iowa)
  • Netherlands Reformed Christian School (Rock Valley, Iowa)
  • River Valley Community School District (Correctionville, Iowa)
  • Sioux Center Community High School (Sioux Center, Iowa)
  • Sioux Central High School (Sioux Rapids, Iowa)
  • Sioux Falls Christian High School (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
  • Southwest Minnesota Christian High School (Edgerton, Minnesota)
  • Unity Christian High School (Orange City, Iowa)
  • West Sioux High School (Hawarden, Iowa)
  • Western Christian High School (Hull, Iowa)

Individual results

Ninth Grade

  • First Place: Edward French, Sioux Falls Christian High School
  • Second Place: Connor Visscher, Unity Christian High School
  • Third Place: Cole Boltjes, Ellsworth Public School


Tenth Grade

  • First Place: Angeli Shieh, Unity Christian High School
  • Second Place (Tie): Mason Turner, Lawton-Bronson High School
  • Second Place (Tie): Gabrielle Wang, Unity Christian High School


Eleventh Grade

  • First Place: Devin Bos, Unity Christian High School
  • Second Place: Jocelyn Zonnefeld, Unity Christian High School
  • Third Place: Henry Heiberger, Brandon Valley High School


Twelfth Grade

  • First Place: Lizzi Boomsma, Brandon Valley High School
  • Second Place (Tie): Isaac Dorenkamp, Millard North High School
  • Second Place (Tie): Chloe Tschetter, Southwest Minnesota Christian High School
  • Second Place (Tie): Burke Weber, Brandon Valley High School


Team results

First Place Team

Unity Christian High School: Devin Bos, Gideon Fynaardt, Jackson Hofland, Jocelyn Zonnefeld


Second Place Team

Unity Christian High School: Esther Pan, Angeli Shieh, Gabrielle Wang, Aubyn Zwart​


Third Place Team

Western Christian High School: Jeffrey De Kam, Trayle Kats, Clay Van Tol, Parker Vis