Master Potter Mr. Levi O’bem Yakubu to Visit Dordt College 

Dordt’s Department of Art and Design welcome visiting artist-in-residence Yakubu of Nigeria

Master potter Mr. Levi O’bem Yakubu will serve as artist-in-residence at Dordt College from October 13 to October 20. Additionally, Yakubu will host a pottery demonstration on Thursday, October 18 from 3 to 4 p.m. in the ceramics studio of the Ribbens Academic Complex (CL1217). He will present his personal throwing techniques.

Yakubu is an achieved potter and ceramic sculptor from Nigeria, West Africa and is the founder of the ceramic production company Dajo Pottery based in Makurdi, Nigeria. He has received international acclaim for his ceramic and pottery pieces.

While on campus, Yakubu welcomes visitors to watch him work and speak with him. He will be making and firing pottery throughout the week. Yakubu says that he has a profound appreciation for Dordt and has visited campus several times during the last twenty years.

The demonstrations are free and open to the public.