Agrivision Equipment Group Lends John Deere Tractor to Dordt College

Partnership between local business and the college continues for second year in a row.

Agrivision Regional Manager Dale Vatthauer hands keys to Dordt agriculture students. From left to right: Annika Henkel, Georgia Lucas, Kallin Crile, Ian Edwards, and Dale Vatthauer.

Sioux Center, IA:  On Thursday, February 1, AgriVision Equipment Group collaborated with Dordt College by lending the college a new John Deere 6120M tractor and loader, for students to use throughout the year. Agrivision Equipment Group is a licensed John Deere retailer, founded in 1899, with 15 dealerships—5 of which are located in Northwest Iowa. The company recently purchased Icon Agriculture and Turf, which had donated a tractor the previous year.

To celebrate, representatives from AgriVision gathered together with Dordt faculty, administration, and agriculture students at Dordt’s Ag Stewardship Center (ASC). The discussion evinced the groups’ camaraderie through a shared love of agriculture and the local community. After the meeting, the company handed the tractor keys over to the Dordt agriculture student ambassadors.

Mike Schouten, Dordt’s ASC Steward, said, “Oh behalf of our agriculture program and the college, and particularly our students here, we’re grateful for this donation you’ve given us. We have 165 agriculture students from 22 different states and 3 foreign countries, and all of them will have access to this piece of equipment. It's going to enhance our program very much. At Dordt, we are hands-on oriented in what we do, whether in Pro-Tech or in our 4-year degree. Whether with our livestock production or our crop production, you will see Dordt College agriculture students operating this piece of equipment."

"It's been a good deal for us too,” responded Reed Yackley, AgriVision customer service representative at Ireton. “We're glad we're in it. Ag is what we do."

Dordt Vice President Howard Wilson described the vision for the building of the new Ag Stewardship Center.

"We're hoping it'll be a place for the agriculture community in NW Iowa to gather, to learn and to plan,” said Wilson. That's where the tractor will be used. The foundations have been poured, and the center will open in mid-August.”

“I'm thankful to continue the partnership with Dordt,” said Dale Vatthauer, regional manager of the Northwest Iowa stores. “We knew Dordt was getting serious about their agriculture program and that it would last long-term, and we wanted to be part of it.”