Soccer Hosts Midland Saturday

Soccer Hosts Midland Saturday


The Defender women’s and men’s soccer teams host Midland on Saturday, October 14.  The women’s contest will start at 1:00 with the men’s contest to follow at 3:15. Video of the contest will be available at . Results will be available at  and at .


The Midland women’s soccer team is 9-1-2 this season and 2-0-2 in the GPAC.  The Warrior loss this season was a 3-2 loss to Columbia on August 26. The Midland’s two ties this season have been a pair of scoreless double overtime battles with Northwestern and Hastings. Midland hasn’t been scored on since September 1 and has posted nine shutouts in a row and ten of their 12 games have been shutouts by its defense.

Midland has outscored teams 39-4 this season and outshot teams on goal 125-41.  PT Perez has 12 goals and three assists and Nayeli Rodriguez has even goals scored in nine games played. Allison Buehring has four goals scored and five assists—her assist total tops the team.  Rachel Thigpen has played 912 minutes in goal with four goals allowed and has made 34 saves and posted nine shutouts.

The Midland men are 7-5 this season with a 3-1 GPAC record.  The loss for Midland in GPAC play is a 2-0 loss to Hastings.  Midland had a four game winning streak stopped with a 3-0 non-conference loss to Columbia on October 7.  Midland’s three GPAC wins are all by 2-1 decisions over Northwestern, Morningside and Doane.

Midland has outscored teams 18-17 this season and outshot teams 62-55. Mario Bueso has scored five goals and Robert Wiseman has scored four with Cesar Cuellar scoring three and assisting on three. Shazz Heale has played 775 minutes in goal with 14 goals allowed and 34 saves. 


The Defender women are 9-4 this season and 4-1 in the GPAC entering play this week.  Dordt has posted five straight shutouts and has won six of its last seven contests.

Dordt has outscored teams 39-12 and outshot teams on goal 155-62. Raquelle Mouw has a team eight goals while Kenzie Bousema and Natalie Sakuma each have seven goals and Sakuma has a team high five assists. Tori Mann has scored six goals and has three assists. Belle Helgerson has played 720 minutes in goal with five goals allowed and 27 saves and she has a 0.630 goals allowed per-90 minutes played average. Karlee Kuyvenhoven has played 360 minutes in goal and has 17 saves with seven goals allowed for a .0708 goals allowed average.

The Defender men were 7-7 this season and 1-4 in GPAC play. Dordt has outscored opponents 28-27 and outshot teams on goal 114-82.

Mason Faucett has a team high seven goals and Garrett Goodson has four. VJ Hachaba has four goals and Stephen Brinkerhoff has assisted on two. Seth Lewison has played 1049 minutes in goal and has allowed 24 goals for a 2.06 per-90 minutes played average and he has 47 saves. Zach Roberts has played 210 minutes and allowed three goals and  has five saves while seeing action in four games.


The Midland women played to a scoreless tie with Hastings on Tuesday night. Midland had a 5-2 shots on goal advantage with Thigpen making two saves in goal for the Warriors.

The Midland men lost to Hastings on October 10 by a 2-0 score. Both teams had four shots on goal with Midland surrendering a goal in each half.

The Defender women were 4-0 winners over Northwestern on Tuesday night behind goals by four different players and Dordt had a 12-5 shots on goal advantage.  Helgerson recorded the shutout.

The Defender men lost a 1-0 decision to Northwestern on Tuesday with the visitors getting a penalty kick late in the first half for the game winner.


The Midland women were 4-1 winners over Dordt last October 22 in Fremont. Midland had a 4-1 shots on goal advantage and Allison Buehring had two goals for the Warriors.

Midland’s men were 3-0 winners over Dordt behind goals by three different players over the final 30 minutes.


Midland is scheduled to host Concordia on October 18 in its next play.

Dordt will travel to Mount Marty on October 18 before hosting Concordia on October 21.              

GPAC… (October 12)


Hastings 4-0-1/10-1-2

Concordia 5-0-1/9-2-3

Dordt 4-1/9-4

Midland 3-0-2/9-1-2

Northwestern 3-1-2/8-3-3

College of Saint Mary 3-2-1/6-7-1

Morningside 3-2/7-5

Briar Cliff 1-3-1/7-5-1

Mount Marty 0-5/2-9

Doane 0-6/1-10-2

Dakota Wesleyan 0-6/5-8



Hastings 5-0/10-3

Northwestern 5-1/9-4-2

Midland 3-1/7-5

Concordia 4-1/11-1-1

Morningside 3-1/7-2-3

Briar Cliff  2-2/9-3

Dordt 1-4/7-7

Doane   1-5/2-12

Mount Marty 0-4/3-7

Dakota Wesleyan 0-5/3-10


September 23

W-Hastings def. Dordt 3-1

W-Morningside def. Doane 2-1

W-College of Saint Mary def. Mount Marty 3-0

W-Concordia def. Dakota Wesleyan 2-0  

W-Midland ties Northwestern 0-0 2ot


M-Hastings def. Dordt 6-1

M- Morningside def. Doane 2-1

M-Concordia def. Dakota Wesleyan 5-0  

M-Midland def. Northwestern 2-1


September 26

W-Dordt def. Briar Cliff 2-0

W- College of Saint Mary def. Dakota Wesleyan 2-1

W- Midland def. Morningside 3-0

W-Northwestern def. Doane 5-0

W- Concordia def. Mount Marty 5-0

M- Briar Cliff def. Dordt 4-0

M- Midland def. Morningside 2-1 (ot)

M-Northwestern def.  Doane 3-0

M- Concordia def. Mount Marty 6-0


September 30

W- Dordt def. Dakota Wesleyan 1-0

W-Midland def. Doane 3-0

W-Northwestern def. Mount Marty 6-0

W-Hastings def. Briar Cliff 2-0

W- Concordia def. College of Saint Mary 6-0

M-Dordt def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-2

M- Midland def. Doane 2-1

M- Northwestern def. Mount Marty 8-0

M-Hastings def. Briar Cliff 4-1


October 3

W- Hastings def. Doane 7-0

M- Hastings def. Doane 4-0


October 4

W-Concordia def. Briar Cliff  5-1

W-Morningside def.  Mount Marty 3-0

W-Northwestern def. Dakota Wesleyan 2-0

W-Midland def.  College of Saint Mary 4-0

M-Concordia def.  Briar Cliff 2-1

M-Morningside def. Mount Marty 1-0

M-Northwestern def.  Dakota Wesleyan 4-0


October 7

W-Briar Cliff def. Mount Marty 1-0

W-Hastings def. Dakota Wesleyan 4-0

W-Dordt def. Doane 6-0

W-Concordia ties Northwestern 0-0

W-College of Saint Mary def. Morningside 4-1

M-Briar Cliff def.  Mount Marty 5-1

M-Hastings def. Dakota Wesleyan 7-1

M-Doane def. Dordt 2-0

M-Northwestern def. Concordia 2-1 2ot


October 10

W-Dordt def. Northwestern 4-0

W-Hastings tie Midland 0-0 2ot

W- Morningside def. Dakota Wesleyan 4-1

W-Briar Cliff tie College of Saint Mary 1-1 2ot

M-Northwestern def. Dordt 1-0

M-Hastings def. Midland 2-0

M-Morningside def. Dakota Wesleyan 5-0


October 11

W-Concordia def. Doane 3-0

M-Concordia def. 2-1


October 14

Dakota Wesleyan @ Briar Cliff

Northwestern @ College of Saint Mary (W)

Midland @ Dordt

Mount Marty @ Hastings

Morningside @ Concordia


October 18

Dordt @ Mount Marty

Briar Cliff @ Doane

Morningside @ Northwestern

Concordia @ Midland

College of Saint Mary (W)


October 21

Doane @ Mount Marty

Concordia @ Dordt

Midland @ Dakota Wesleyan

Hastings @ Northwestern

Briar Cliff @ Morningside


October 24

Midland @ Briar Cliff

College of Saint Mary (W)

Dordt @ Morningside

Mount Marty @ Dakota Wesleyan


October 25

Hastings @ Concordia


October 28

Northwestern @ Briar Cliff

Dakota Wesleyan @ Doane

Dordt @ College of Saint Mary (W)

Mount Marty @ Midland

Morningside @ Hastings