About the Summer 2017 Voice cover

Reformed, Always Reforming: About the Summer 2017 Voice cover

Have you found the Dordt faculty who are included in the latest Voice cover? Play our game to find all the Dordt reformers: http://www.dordt.edu/find-dordt-reformers 

If you look closely at the cover of the most recent issue of the Voice, you may notice a few familiar faces from among the Dordt College faculty. The cover, conceived as a playful nod to one of the issue’s defining themes, celebrates Dordt’s Reformation heritage, but it also poses a question: What does it mean to be Reformed today?

Dordt’s Creative Director Jamin Ver Velde considered several works depicting 16th-century Reformers before he settled on an 1862 mural by Wilhelm von Kaulbach, The Reformation/Die Reformation.

“Because the image doesn’t have a central focal point, it served the design concept well,” says Ver Velde. “I didn’t want one person to be a central figure, but rather to emphasize the collective and communal nature of the task at hand: the task of reforming.”

“This issue explores what it means to be ‘reformational’ while taking seriously the contributions of other traditions and expressions of Christianity across time and space,” says Voice Editor Aleisa Dornbierer-Schat. “Those themes and questions continue to crop up later in the issue, demonstrating how being Reformed—according to Scripture, in light of Christ's resurrection—is an active, ongoing process that allows us to speak in new ways into new contexts.”

Ver Velde says the cover came together quickly once the concept was in place. “To help save time, I searched our office’s photo archives for recent images of faculty members in which the background had already been removed using digital imaging software,” he says. Then he experimented with familiar Photoshop filters to blend the 21st‑century faces with the 19th‑century mural.