Dordt College recognizes faculty and staff

Dordt College recognizes outstanding faculty and staff

At the college’s annual end-of-the-year banquet on April 20, the Dordt College Office of Academic Affairs recognized faculty and staff members with awards for their work.

The John Calvin Award. This award is given to a Dordt faculty member who inspires students in the development of their world and life view within the student’s own area of study and expertise. This year, the award was given to Dordt College Professor of Physics Dr. John Zwart. Zwart has served at Dordt for more than 30 years, teaching students to discover the joy of noticing, engaging with, and learning about God’s world.

Award for Noteworthy Scholarship or Service. This year’s award recipient is Dordt College Professor of Education Dr. Kathleen Van Tol, who was recognized for her work not only at Dordt College, but in Nicaragua where she works to improve teaching practices for special needs students.

Award for Teaching Excellence. Dordt College Professor of Theatre Arts Dr. Teresa Ter Haar was recognized for her dynamism as a professor, her teaching prowess, and her ability to relate to her students.

Staff Excellence Awards. This award is given each year to two worthy staff members who help create a vibrant culture on campus.

This year’s first recipient is Dordt College Sports Information Director Mike Byker. Known as the “voice of Dordt College athletics,” Byker has served at Dordt since 2001, broadcasting athletic contests through KDCR and overseeing the communication of the athletic department.

The second recipient is Dordt College Coordinator of Facilities and Services Cindy Groeneweg. In her role, Groeneweg keeps the work of the Facilities Department running smoothly and assisting anyone on campus who needs help from the maintenance team.