Roger Wiens explores Mars with Curiosity

Roger Wiens explores Mars with Curiosity, April 3

Dordt College’s First Monday Speaker Series will welcome Roger Wiens to campus on Monday, April 3.

Dr. Roger Wiens leads the laser instrument team on the one-ton Curiosity rover that has been exploring Mars for the last four years. He grew up not far from Dordt, considering a career in missions, not knowing they would be missions to other planets. His web booklet, “Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective” receives more than 40,000 hits per year. His recent book, Red Rover, describes the adventure of developing his joint French-US instrument for Martian terrain. Residing in northern New Mexico, Wiens has been involved in other NASA robotic missions: Genesis, Stardust, Odyssey, Lunar Prospector, and a new Mars rover in development.

Wiens will speak at 11 a.m. in the B.J. Haan Auditorium at Dordt College on Monday, April 3, with a presentation entitled “Exploring Mars with Curiosity.” In this presentation, Wiens will intend to talk about his team's exploration on Mars.

In the evening, Wiens will share “Thoughts on Faith and Science.” This presentation will cover some of the details about his journey that took him from rural Minnesota to exploring Mars, as well as segue into a discussion of the interaction of faith and scientific discovery. A Q&A time will follow the evening presentation, held in the Science and Technology Center classroom SB 1606 at 7:30 pm.

Both presentations are open to the public.