Ready for nursing

Carolyne Muthoni Njeri: Ready for nursing

As a student in Kenya, Carolyne Muthoni Njeri had known for years that she wanted to study abroad after high school—but it seemed like an impossible dream. This spring, Njeri graduated from the Dordt College nursing program.

Her journey toward medicine began in Kenya. Like all Kenyan students graduating from public high schools, Njeri was required to work for two years before attending university. Njeri chose an organization that cares for people with heart disease.

At her job, Njeri met an intern from Zawadi Africa, an organization that enables academically gifted girls with financial difficulties to study abroad. The organization requires women involved in their program to have a B+ GPA and demonstrate excellent leadership skills.

During the yearlong application process, Dordt was one of the seven colleges Njeri was connected to through Zawadi Africa. Although she seriously considered attending Augustana, Njeri chose Dordt College after Dr. Curtis Taylor, the former dean for global education at Dordt, paid Njeri a personal visit.

“He gave me the inside story about Dordt and promised to help me find funds, and that convinced me,” Njeri said. “I trusted God to provide me with an opportunity to study abroad, and he provided.”

Understandably, moving to Iowa from Kenya was an adjustment. “I really didn’t know what to expect,” Njeri said. “When I first came here, I wondered if this was really the U.S. There were a lot of things that were hard to adjust to, but I came here to study, and I love the education system here.”

Even more of an adjustment than the education system was the worldview Njeri encountered at Dordt. “I had never heard of the Reformed perspective before,” Njeri said. “It’s the perspective I now choose to view the world through— I’m honored to be living out my cultural mandate as a response to grace.”

Njeri is living out her cultural mandate through her involvement in Dordt’s nursing program.

“Before coming here, I didn’t know much about nursing,” she said. “I had no idea what I was getting into, but I appreciate that the nurses in America are highly respected and can do a lot in their communities.” After graduating in May, Njeri began working as an R.N. in the cardiac arrest unit at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Following a year there, she hopes to attend graduate school.

“I think I am prepared for the real world,” Njeri said. “For me, having seen the real world—a world where there are not many Christians—seeing a world like Dordt has really strengthened me. I can tell that God is preparing me to go into both kinds of worlds. The Reformed perspective has molded me to think in certain ways, and I know I’ll be able to reflect Christ’s love anywhere I am.”

Julia Jansen (’16)