It's About Time: Dordt College Clock Tower

GroupCraig Bielema, Ashley Prins, Chris Wyenberg

Dordt College is currently making plans to change the campus landscape on the north side of campus. Currently, the north entryway to campus is misaligned with 7th Avenue, a street running past the local high school. Popular events taking place simultaneously at both institutions lead to major traffic congestion and safety concerns for motorists and pedestrians.

The proposed landscape revisions to Dordt's campus will remedy this problem by aligning the north entryway with the 7th Avenue and 7th Street intersection. However, this entryway will no longer guide visitors' eyes towards the campus center; consequently, landscape architects have identified the need for a landmark at the south corner of this entryway, to serve as a focal point for a visitor's first view of the campus.



A clock tower has been suggested as a possible focal point to serve this aesthetic need. The design team felt that a well designed clock tower would not only meet this aesthetic need on campus but could also communicate the vision of the institution along with a Christian philosophy of time and "life under the sun". The project team focused primarily on the technical workings of this proposed clock tower which included the design of a mechanical gearbox, an electronic controller, and several solar aspects of the tower.