Past Speakers

The First Mondays Speaker Series brings thinkers, writers, and opinion leaders to campus to challenge students, faculty, and staff to stretch their imagination, to grow in understanding, to act boldly, and to re-creatively serve God's kingdom.

2016-17 Academic Year

APRIL 3, 2017


"Exploring Mars with Curiosity" (view) and "Thoughts on Faith and Science" (view

FEBRUARY 6, 2017


"Red & Blue, Black & White: Untangling Race, Politics, and Religion in America" (view)


November 6, 2016 

J.P. Sundararajan 

"Ultimately...Love Triumphs" (view)



OCTOBER 3, 2016


"From Hiding Shame to Hidden in Christ: Journeying toward Wholeheartedness" (view




"Let the [colliding black holes] declare the glory of God" (view)





APRIL 4, 2016


Why Reformed Christians Should Work Hard at Multiculturalism (View)

Can Calvinists be Civil? (View)

FEBRUARY 1, 2016


Oh My God: Sexuality Meets Spirituality (Listen)

Redeeming Sex: When Two Weird Worlds Collide 

NOVEMBER 2, 2015


The Trauma of the Doctrine of Discovery (View)

The Doctrine of Discovery (View)


OCTOBER 5, 2015


Intellectual Love of God (View)

Forgiving Those Who Hurt Us (View)





Mission on our Doorsteps: A Biblical Perspective on Immigration (View)

Bibles, Badges & Business: Moving Forward on Immigration (View)


2014-15 Academic Year

April 6, 2015

Christena Cleveland

Who is My Neighbor? (View)

Why Do They Seem so Different from Me? (View)



March 2, 2015

Malcolm De Kryger

Navigating Agricultural Issues as a Christian Farmer. Are You Hearing God'€™s Calling For You When You Are Weaning Sows? (View)

I'€™m a Farmer. Let Me Show You What I Do. Working to Connect (not Reconnect) the Farmer to the Consumer

February 2, 2015

Katherine Leary Alsdorf

A New Compass for Work (View)

Connecting Your Work to God's Work (View)

November 3, 2014

Rikk E. Watts

Four Voices, Two Vistas, One Person: Why Understanding the Shape of the Gospels is Imperative for Christian Life (View)

Jerusalem and Athens Revisited: How Early Christianity Transformed the Ancient and Gave Rise to the Modern World (Listen)


October 6, 2014

Sara Gerritsma DeMoor

Vulnerability, Discipleship and Community: Embracing Risk and Flourishing Together (View)

Ministering with Millennials: Panel Discussion featuring Sara Gerritsma De Moor, Jason Lief, Jon De Groot, and Rev. Kory Plockmeyer, pastor at Covenant Christian Reformed Church, Sioux Center, Iowa. (Listen)

September 1, 2014

Prof. Nancy Pearcey

The Reformed Tradition's Gift to the World. (View)

Dooyeweerd & Modern Idols: A Fresh Take on Reformed Apologetics. (Listen)

2013-14 Academic Year

April 7, 2014

Dr. Stanley Carlson-Thies

Why we need institutions in order to be faithful and what institutions need so they can be faith-full. (View)

Tales about politics and faith from inside the Beltway. (Listen)

March 3, 2014

Dr. Caroline Simon

Bringing Sex into Focus (View)

Why is it so Hard for Christians to Talk About Homosexuality? (Listen)


February 3, 2014

Andrew Cunningham and Scott Marques

Connecting with God's Productive Purposes in the Earth (View)


November 4, 2013

Calvin G. Seerveld

How HOT is Your Bible? (View)

The Meaning of our Nakedness (Listen)

October 7, 2013

James K.A. Smith

Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Liturgies (View)

The Secular is Haunted: Inhabiting our Cross-Pressured Present (Listen)


September 2, 2013

David I. Smith

Learning about Learning from Bonhoeffer (View)

Learning about Learning from the Stranger (Listen)


2012-13 Academic Year

April 1, 2013
Michael Gerson

Graceful Citizenship (Listen)

Whose Responsibility is Opportunity? The Role of Government, Citizens, and Civil Society (Listen)

March 4, 2013

Paul Fessler

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and...Kuyper? (Listen | YouTube)


February 4, 2013

Jeff Brown

Historical Blowouts: What the Colorado River and the Deepwater Horizon spill teach us about global water resources (Listen)

Outside Going In: Our role in meeting their needs

November 5, 2012

John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

Buddha, Krishna, Muhammed, Jesus: What's the Difference: and What Difference Does It Make? (Listen)

Hell and the Goodness of God (Listen)

October 1, 2012

Tony Campolo

Speaking My Mind: The Radical Evangelical Prophet (Listen)

Tackling Tough Issues Many Christians are Afraid to Face (Listen)

Steve Prince

September 3, 2012

Steve Prince

Old Testament: Old Soil, New Spirit (Listen)

Second Line: The Art of Social Justice

2011-12 Academic Year

Beatrice de Graaf

April 2, 2012

Beatrice de Graaf

What are we afraid of: Christian security thinking in a secular world

Security and Conspiracy Constructs in Modern History

James C. Schaap

March 5, 2012

James C. Schaap

The Dakota War of 1862: Our state desolated, our homes broken up, our border stained with blood (Listen)

Ron Sider

February 5-6, 2012

Ron Sider
Living like Jesus

Grandpa is Using Your Credit Card: Fixing the Moral Deficit (Listen)


Milton Kuyers

November 7, 2011

Milton Kuyers

Living and Learning through Life: A Businessman'€™s Story
What I Wish My Friends and My Pastor Knew about Me as a Business Person

Lauren Winner

October 3, 2011

Lauren Winner

At the Turning of the Year: What Christianity has to Learn from Judaism and Life with God (Listen)
I love to Tell the Story: Spiritual Memoir in the 21st Century (Listen)

Shari Kastein

September 5, 2011

Shari Kastein

Through Anguish comes Growth (Listen)


2010-11 Academic Year

Andy Crouch

April 4, 2011

Andy Crouch

Playing God: Creativity and cultural power
Live More Musically: Clues from the arts for the Christian life (Listen)


Brian Walsh

March 7, 2011

Brian Walsh

All the People Marching Home (Listen)
Whoever it was that brought me here will have to take me home

Marilynne Robinson

February 7, 2011

Marilynne Robinson

Where Does it Come From? (DVD recordings available in John and Louise Hulst Library)
Christian Freedom (DVD recordings available in John and Louise Hulst Library)

Shane Claiborne

December 6, 2010

Shane Claiborne

Christian Troublemakers (Listen)
Resurrecting Church (Listen)

Dr. Erik Hoekstra

November 1, 2010

Dr. Erik Hoekstra

Leading as Serving: Not a Contradiction in Terms (Listen)


Dr. David Naugle

October 4, 2010

Dr. David Naugle

St. Augustine, Happiness, and the Order of the Loves (Listen)
St. Augustine on Education (Listen)

Dr. Michael D. Williams

September 6, 2010

Dr. Michael D. Williams

The Mission of God (Listen)