Program Directors

Dr. Nathan Tintle (Grant PI; co-faculty mentor)
Dr. Tintle is a highly experienced, successful, and award winning undergraduate research mentor. He has mentored over 70 undergraduate students, leading to 50 peer-reviewed papers, the majority involving undergraduate co-authors, as well as numerous conference presentations by the students (virtually every student is involved in at least one peer-reviewed publication and/or presentation). The majority of the researchers Dr. Tintle has mentored have gone on to graduate school, with many of these students now pursuing Ph.D.’s in fields including computer science, bioinformatics, statistics, mathematics, and biostatistics at prestigious institutions including Stanford, Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of Michigan, UC Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Univ. of Washington and others. Dr. Tintle’s students are gender balanced, and include significant numbers of minority students. His students have won numerous awards (e.g., graduate fellowships from NSF, DHS, DoD; research competitions). Recently, Dr. Tintle won the Waller Award for effective and innovative teaching of introductory statistics from the American Statistical Association, and has won other awards for his research and mentoring efforts. He is currently on a special advisory committee to the President of the American Statistical Association focusing on Developing and Training the Next Generation of Statisticians. He has experience as the PI or co-PI on six major federal grants totaling over $3 million.

Dr. Mark Christians (co-faculty mentor)
Dr. Christians is beginning his 26th year of service at Dordt College, with 11 years as the Director of Personal Counseling and 15 years as a professor of psychology. He has supervised nearly 75 Field Experiences (or mini-internships) for psychology students who are placed with local human service agencies. Dr. Christians has served as a research co-mentor to 90 undergraduate students who completed a Senior Research Project at Dordt College. His expertise is in the area of mental health, human development, and substance abuse; all research areas which are prominent in this proposed project. Dr. Christians’ dissertation at The University of South Dakota focused on various assessment tools to measure substance-related disorders in a college-aged population.

Dr. Luralyn Helming (co-faculty mentor)
Having just completed her second year of teaching as a full-time faculty member, Dr. Helming has mentored 24 psychology students in the completion of seven unique psychological research experiments and papers during this time. During summer 2015 she mentored a psychology undergraduate in conjunction with the PI on two projects, one exploring this Ukraine data and one exploring the ability to predict student and alumni satisfaction with their college choice. In the upcoming academic year she will mentor 7 psychology students as they design and conduct unique psychology experiments. In graduate school, Dr. Helming served as a co-mentor to six graduate students, assisted Dr. Lisa Newland in training and mentoring undergraduates to assist with Dr. Newland’s research, and was recognized for Outstanding Leadership in the School of Education at U. of South Dakota in 2011. 

Dr. Mark McCarthy (regional expert; co-faculty mentor)
Dr. McCarthy is in his 5th year as a Dordt College faculty member in the history department who is an expert in Russian and Ukrainian culture history, who has spent extensive time in Russia and Ukraine, can speak Russian fluently, and has co-mentored numerous undergraduate research students in history. Prior to coming to Dordt, he was at Montreat College and acted as Department Chair. Dr. McCarthy received his doctorate from the University of Notre Dame in 2004.  He presented his dissertation on Religious Conflict and Social Order in Nineteenth Century Russia: Orthodoxy and the Protestant Challenge, 1812-1905.